Musical Potpourri : 10 Bollywood Songs Which Totally Relate To Meera Deosthale Or Chakor

Meera Deosthale
Meera Deosthale

November mornings, a mug of hot cocoa and the radio tuning into some super peppy songs to warm up the tender chill infused in the air, are undoubtedly the best mornings.

As I give in into the beats of these songs that come up, I realise how each of the songs make me relate them to either Meera or Chakor, anyway, it’s just her beautiful face, her voice, expressions blocking my mind and the tracks keep on changing. So, here are the songs which made my morning much better than just the best.

1. Masakkali- Delhi 6

This took me straight into all the behind-the-scenes footages we get along with those lively interviews and not to forget her Instagram posts, all of which are proofs to the vivaciousness this lady carries with infinite grace. She is bubbly, she is carefree and she is happy. Happy people have that positivity within them which they radiate to the world and that is exactly how Meera is.

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Meet my old/new boyfriend! @vinnyaroradhoopar 💙❤️

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2. Daru Desi – Cocktail

Making friends is not everyone’s cup of tea. When I speak of ‘making friends’, I very bluntly chop out those over-friendly bunch of extroverts who see no depth in relationships. Friends are meant to be crazy with, stupid with and most importantly happy with. It has always seemed that she is friends with a few but those few are the ones who she can count on and who can count back on her.

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Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations ❣️

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3. Gulabi Aankhein – The Train

Meera is the personification of this evergreen hit. She has those innocent eyes one can drown into, a smile for which even a million dollar would fall very short. Charming and gorgeous, she is a perfect medley of sexy and cute where both the adjectives fight a neck and neck battle to be at equals. She is someone who looks the best in whatever outfit she chooses to wear. We totally scratch our heads in utter confusion to find a single word to describe the numerous adjectives that get into defining her ‘divine’ look.

4. High Heels Te Naache – Ki & Ka

‘Ik-Ik thumke pe sau-sau taaliyan’, so true, Meera is an excellent dancer and her moves are killer enough to make hearts race at an express speed. With her stunning expressions, outstanding poise, over-whelming grace and excellent footwork she can garner eye-balls that would fail to leave her sight. Being a Saroj Khan student, she has mastered her learnings and skills flawlessly.

5. Baby Ko Bass Pasand Hai – Sultan

There’s a cute spat running across the couple in this song and all I could find catchy is the topic of “English Language” being brought time and again. So, when it comes to vocabulary, Madam Meera can probably beat the Magoosh app. Moreover, her interviews published are extremely impressive with the right showcase of a funky vocab. At times, even her co-actors don’t fail to compliment her.

6. Patakha Guddi – Highway

This A. R. Rahman cult classic on Irshad Kamil’s poetic genius is a sure shot take-anyone’s-heart-away and so is our Chakor. She is a free bird, aspiring to fly high, is extremely special, adventurous, to take to the air like a kite, flow like a river, to be carefree as a blow of wind that no one can hold. She has no fears, no qualms, she can voice her opinion, fight the evil and destroy it.

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Udaan! 15-02-2016 ❤️ thank you for everything!!

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7. Badal Pe Paon Hai – Chak De India

She is meant to conquer the world. Chakor – the marathon runner, might have come a long way from her this identity. But she will always be that ‘501’ runner who runs like wind. She is an inspiration in herself. When life gives you lemons, make lemonades out of it.

8. Saathiya Yeh Tune – Love (1991)

Love like there is no tomorrow. It is a pulchritudinous journey that she has walked with Suraj. A lady as strong as her character, created a different world to be with her love. Love knows no boundaries. It was all in her destiny. She had no give and take, no reasons, but this emotion just came up and grew stronger because that is how love is meant to be, inexplicable.

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Happy girls!!! ❤️ @ginny_virdi_malhi

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9. Desi Girl – Dostana (2008)

Indian girls look best in Indian outfits. She has always been given Indian clothes without many variations but she always carries the look with grace. She is totally that ‘mirchi in Indian wear’ who would make guys stand stunned.

10. Drama Queen – Hasee Toh Phasee

Who is this girl with all this ‘nakhra’? She is the one who adds spice into lives. The one who makes you care a bit too much about being with her. She can undoubtedly take your heart away with her cute antiques, which can be hilarious but DO NOT LAUGH! You need to be affectionate about her, pamper her and just love her.

Meera Deosthale has done every justice possible to the unique and strong character she was given to portray. Be it the numerous folds her character has taken or the strenuous scenes she is made to do, she has always proved her sincerity and skills to be the best. She has made sure that the character she plays remains connected to the audience in every situation. Her scenes expose her dedication and respect for her work. This being her debut act as a lead, makes us salute her efficiency as an actor. She has grown and learnt in these years and there is a hunger in her to learn more and improvise more. There have been scenes where she was needed to cry her heart out, but she has moulded the scene in a manner that the audience gets the chord to the immense strength that lies within her. Her expressions and voice modulations showcase the brilliance her talent carries. Today, I wish her a very happy birthday and immense luck to rise higher and higher. Happy Birthday Meera!


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