Naagin 3 : 6 Reasons Why The Show Is Popular With Both The TRP And Digital Audience!


Colors’ Naagin 3 with its content is keeping the interest of the audience intact.

The show is not only popular with the TRP audience, but the daily soap ranks high when it comes to the online TRP too, which is very rare. It tops the TRP chart as well as always stays in top 3 as per online popularity as well.

Mahir and Bela’s story is intriguing everyone. Today as a special feature we type down 6  reasons why Naagin 3 is popular with the digital online audience too.

Naagin 3

Mahir And Bela Working Together

Bela and Mahir’s relationship might have started on the wrong foot. Filled with misunderstandings and misconceptions their story had begun.

But the fog of misunderstandings is cleared and today they work together. As a team they are tackling everything.

This aspect where BeHir are working together as a team surely clicks with the digital audience.

If he is in a mess she pulls him out and if she is in trouble he rushes to her rescue. What more can one ask for!

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  1. I love their chupke chupke romance which I had seen at another favourite pair of mine Mriara!!!

    Also I love it that he is so supportive unlike a lot of other heroes!!!

  2. Lovely.

    It’s true that Naagin 3 achieved the rare feat of Online and TRP success. Well done, Team Naagin3.

    Behir are the best thing about Naagin3.


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