Naamkarann : 5 Reasons Why Avni Is Ideally The Lady Don Of TV!

Aditi Rathore In Naamkarann

Gone are the days when girls used to be the damsel in distress and waited for their prince charming to arrive and save them.

For now, they are equally strong and witty as compared to their male counterparts.

And saying of Avni, the female protagonist of Star Plus’ Naamkarann, this statement holds utmost truth.

Avni never waited for her man to arrive. She has always helped herself. She is no Snow White who awaits a prince to come and save her.

All these things make Avni who she is. Here we present you 5 reasons why Avni stands out as the strongest female lead on TV currently –


She Is Bold

Avni is fearless, courageous and confident. And not to forget that she is unbeatable too.

She is not someone who will get intimidated by a person who threatens her. Be it Dayawanti Mehta or Vidyut R.


Avni never hesitates to show them their respective places and give them what they deserve.

She doesn’t think that she may also get hurt in the process. The way she escaped jail without thinking twice to save Neil is a perfect example which reinstates the fact that she is bold.

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  1. Your write ups have most detailed and indepth content. Love your articles on NK.
    Indeed Avni is a force to reckoned with and she like nothing ever seen on Indian television..
    Great job!

  2. Fantastic article! Thank you. Aditi Rathore is portraying Avni to perfection and is probably
    the only female lead on Tv that is badass. One request please please give us an article about AvNeil, they’re becoming such a popular couple and their chemistry is on another level.

  3. Well written. Your content is always comprehensive. Shows the dedication and hard work u put behind these write ups. Kudos to the writers.

    Yes and i love watching avni on screen. An inspiration like no other. That one needs to fight ones own battle. And the best part is if u believe u can, then u really can.

    I personally love this dialogue of avni “bhagwan bhi unhi ki madat karta hai jo apni kudh madat karta hai”.
    And Aditi is doing a great job playing avni brilliantly.

    Thank u team for these articles.

  4. Just amazing!!! Keep up the great work Fuze, you are doing complete justice to the articles about AvNeil and Naamkarann. More please!

  5. Superb 👏
    Loved it!
    You guys are always so bang on with your analysis on AvNeil & Naamkarann that it’s a treat to read your article every time.


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