Naamkarann : 5 Unique Things About AvNeil That You Might Be Missing The Most In Their Story!


Some love stories are incomplete without their core elements. Or let’s say these simple things enrich the love stories. They are unique and different in each story.

Avni and Neil too had their share of USPs in their story in Naamkarann. These USPs may not be as frequent now as they used to be before, as there’s gap of 10 long years between them but still undoubtedly these things have been an integral part of their beautiful journey.

Reminiscing those moments, those things, places and elements that played a beautiful part in he story, hereby we list down what all we miss among Avneil now.


1.The Truth-Lie Detection

A guy who is a police officer and a girl who is an expert in lying – The combination itself has been unique and never seen kind of.

So whenever the guy guessed that the girl is lying and it is impossible to catch her because she always lied with a straight face and with confidence – He brought the polygraph machine to detect her lies!

This is something that happened twice in the Avneil story and is one unique thing that didn’t happen again in the story since the Vidyut – Juhi saga ended.

Pushing her to the limit with his questions, making her look at him in the eye, hurting her emotionally, forcing her to say the truth anyhow, that’s how Neil’s truth-lie detection session used to be with Avni.

Somehow probably Neil should use the technique again probably with DD’s help to detect all those things that Avni is still hiding from him.

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