Naamkarann : 5 Unique Things About AvNeil That You Might Be Missing The Most In Their Story!


2. The Love For Poha

Avni left her family, best friend and her home for long 10 years. She started living for the children and somehow she forgot about all her love and likings too.

Gone are the days when a dish of Poha from Neil or Ali used to bring a huge smile on Avni’s face and brightened up her day!

Her love for Poha was as real as Mowgli’s love for Rajma or ice cream may be?!

The kid in her would jump in joy at the mention of Poha and the sight of her cherishing it while having it would probably be the best sight for Neil too!

The days were bliss when ACP Neil Khanna used to order a packet of Poha from Chamku Cafe at his office while watching his hungry wifey sitting in front of him with a glum face during lunch.

Probably, now if Neil for once is made to make Poha again for Avni, it will bring them come an inch closer with the fond memories of the past rushing towards them.

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