Naamkarann : 5 Unique Things About AvNeil That You Might Be Missing The Most In Their Story!


3. The Midnight Chaos In the Room

What all they didn’t do in that room of theirs at the wee hours of the night?

Dance madly to escape the peeking eyes of Shweta and Bebe, run behind each other, throw water on each other, taunt, tease, deceive and even blackmail one another – They did all of that in that very room.

Gone are those moments when Avni used to get miffed on Neil at night for sleeping without hearing her ‘Thank You’ and poured water on him for the same. Gone are the days when he ran behind her with a jug of water to avenge her for the same.

These fun moments are no more there, because now there’s a huge gap of separation between them.

But probably, a few of such accidental moments are needed now for only that will make them come a bit closer again.

That just makes us think, why can’t Bebe for once lock them up in their room again and take Shweta and all out of the house for a while?

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