Naamkarann : 5 Unique Things About AvNeil That You Might Be Missing The Most In Their Story!


4. Ali And His Cafe

Ali was their common friend and so was his cafe. That cafe was the spot that had witnessed umpteen number of AvNeil moments.

Right from their meets before marriage or their lovey dovey moments after marriage – One can’t forget how Avni used the radio to talk to an angry Neil at the very same cafe, one can’t forget how Neil had handcuffed Avni to stop her from going behind Pandit’s goons to safeguard her in the very same cafe.

The cafe witnessed the last few moments that Neil had spent with Ali before he sold it and left. That cafe was the same place where Neil had bared his heart to his mother, voiced his love for Avni and requested her to accept her in the family.

The cafe bears many such precious moments from Avneil’s life, but the cafe is no where now.

For once, can’t AvNeil be somehow sent there to reminisce their old times with each other again there?

Sometimes, memories and places do help people to come closer too.

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