Naamkarann : 6 Best Moments Of AvNeil While Living Their Most Awaited Dream – 10 Years Later!


They saw each other after 10 years. Felt, spoke and shared their dreams with each other after 10 long years!

He thought she was her dream. She thought to live with him his dream.

He thought she wasn’t real. She thought, let’s make the  best of the few hours they had in hand.

Their past was difficult, their present is limited and the future looks gleam – Yet they were together living their dream!

With graphical presentation, we give you 6 precious moments from tonight’s episode of Naamkarann. Seeing these and rewinding their words to each other again, we bet you will fall in more love with them again.

Take a look at the dialogues and lets us know which one moved you the most among the six!

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