Naamkarann : 7 Reasons Why Neil Khanna Is Your Perfect Crush!

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Neil Khanna from Star Plus’ Naamkarann is one of the best written male protagonists on Indian TV in the recent past.

Essayed by actor Zain Imam, he has made sure the viewers fall in love with Neil. Neil is a one of a kind character and such characters are not made every other day.

No wonder he is crushed upon to bits. Today we are giving you 7 reasons why Neil is your perfect crush.

So without further ado, here we go.

Neil Khanna
Neil Khanna

A Man Of His Words

For Neil Khanna when he makes a promise he goes to any possible lengths to fulfill the same.

He is a man of his words and when he says something that can be taken as the ‘pathar kii lakeer’ which he would accomplish at any cost.

Neil has upheld his word with utmost sincerity. He is a perfect gentleman and a man of honour who knows the weightage his words carry.

And a man who is true to his word and does not change colour like a chameleon is worth crushing upon!

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  1. The character of Neil Khanna has restored my faith in Indian TV male leads. The story is also well done, fast paced and they try to avoid cliches! On so many levels this show,this character as well as Zain the actor, deserves appreciation!

    Zain’s emoting and expressions are always spot on! He’s doing a phenomenal job as Neil Khanna! In love with Neil Khanna.
    Main Zain Ki Deewani Hu! ❤

  2. Aaaah.!! Brillliant piece of writing..
    Neil Khanna is alll worth crushing.. i abide by every word in the article.
    & Zainnnn. u r t true hero mann.!! Neil couldn’t have been t one without you.. your expressions r uffffffffff..


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