Naamkarann : Checkmate! – A Day Out With The Bad Guy And The Good….*Scratch That* The Great Gambler Girl!


After watching yesterday’s episode, until a long time I actually had to sit idle thinking exactly what sort of adjectives would suit Avni. However, I would accept that I could not come up with something befitting to explain in words the storm that was going on inside her.

How to define that rage, fury and anger she was exposing while controlling and trying to bury it within her?

Avni felt like a volcano which wants to explode yet the explosion is not happening. People around her should be cautious, especially Vidyut.

For playing with fire is never safe and right now she is a raging fire that may burn anything and everything around her.

Although we have said it earlier too, but will repeat it again, Naamkarann is probably the ONLY show on television currently, where there’s no division of a hero and a heroine. We have two heroes in the show, Neil and Avni and they both are equals of each other. It’s high time we stop using the word ‘hero’ in a gender centric manner. Because this show simply removed that barrier while narrating these two characters of Neil and Avni.

Now we would go straight to talk about the episode –


What Was It About? – Ek Tha Raja, Ek Thi Rani’s New Version By Vidyut!

Although Vidyut himself is the third wheel in the Raja and Rani’s story but somehow he altered the game and announced himself as the Raja, Avni as the Rani and went on to declare Neil as the third wheel.

Ek Tha Raja, Ek Thi Rani, Main Hun Raja, Tum Ho Rani, Hum Dono Ke Beech Jo Aaye, Uski Khatam Kahaani!!!

His constant words of ‘Meri Avni’, ‘Meri Chah’, ‘Meri Jaan’ for Avni and his declaration of love and madness for her was probably one of the highlights of the episode.

The more she got enraged, the more he wanted her. The more he saw loathing in her eyes, the more he got obsessed with her. The more she threatened him, the more he desired her.

Yesterday Avni’s anger was at a level that anyone near her would have got tongue tied, but this man went on to fall for her more and more and more. It seems like the fury in her eyes attracts him like a magnet and he simply loves that pull he feels towards her.

And moreover, he even had the guts to blackmail Avni and ask her to bring his Maamoni out of jail in return of Neela. Quite an entertaining and courageous villain we have, no?

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  1. You’ve said it all, I have nothing more to add to this masterpiece. This episode was CHECKMATE, Vidyut underestimated Avni

  2. Thank you so much for this! Well written. The only thing I can say is that Aditi Rathore deserves all the recognition in the world. She has been phenomenal this year and it’s been only 11 days in the year. This woman deserves best actress award! Her performances have been flawless. One thing I love about her is that she doesn’t run behind popularity, she’s not that active on social media but when it comes to hard work she’s 100% there. She works like a man! And I’m sure her efforts will pay off. Namkarann is awesome! Big thumbs up to team NK.

  3. sooo amazinggly written..
    lovvd t article on whole.. doin justice to t scenez..
    Aditi is killlin it literally.. & ofcrz v hav got t bestt hero’s & villian in our show

  4. You are the best and you know it! The second page is 👌. The definition of Neo just stole my heart.

  5. Saheli ji u ha ve said it all. That’s the exact word on my mind at the end of yesterday’s episode – CHECKMATE. Superintelligent move by Avni in a situation that had so unpredictablely surfaced.
    Brilliantly written, enacted and played out. Entire episode was super.
    Aditi,Zain and Karam were excellent in their scenes.
    ONCE AGAIN, Ms Aditi Rathore nailed it. She was impressive.


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