Naamkarann Fans Trend #2YearsOfAvNeil On The 2nd Anniversary of Avni And Neil’s Love Story!


Shows come and go on Indian television. In the current era, the shelf life of every show on TV is very short. Only a few lucky ones survive more than a year on screen. But they all dish out the same old and repetitive content barring a few shows that try to experiment with bold and brave content.

One of those shows with a difference had been Naamkarann. The show that started off in the lines of Mahesh Bhatt’s film Zakhm, went on to take a leap and soon indulged into a full fledged love story of Avni and Neil.

While the first half of the story received critical appreciation, the second half of the story consisting of AvNeil received both popularity and critics.

Avni and Neil’s story was conceptualised by the makers as a contrast to Avni’s father’s story. Her father was a weak man, however, her husband was courageous. Her mother had her own fears but Avni was in a way extremely daring.

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When courage and dare met each other, it was a combination that was as fiery as the fire and as vulnerable as the glass.

The AvNeil story had its own ups and downs, but the one thing it succeeded in doing was inspiring a lot of people. Congratulations to Zain Imam, Aditi Rathore, Mahesh Bhatt, Gurudev Bhalla and the entire Naamkarann team for achieving this amazing feat.

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On the 2nd year anniversary of AvNeil, we saw their fans tweeting away about their ideal on screen couple.

We also spotted some emotional tweets from them on the occasion. We are sharing the best 10 of those from the lot. Take a look.



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