Naamkarann : Heartfelt Notes To The 3 Devils In AvNeil’s Love Story!

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Neil And Avni From Naamkarann

Star Plus’ Naamkarann is in a rather very interesting phase right now with the life of Avni and Neil coming on the right track.

Slowly but steadily Neil and Avni are realizing each other’s importance and value in their lives. The progress in the AvNeil love story has been good but there remains a few hindrances in between them. These hindrances are all set to become the kabab mein haddis in Avni and Neil’s budding love and relationship.

A love story without a conflict is like fish without water. For every budding love story on Indian TV there has to be prominent conflicts and in AvNeil’s story too it is no different.

Avni and Neil have come a long way since they have met. And now the time is right for them to explore and give a chance to the hidden feelings that they feel for each other and which they have kept locked away within their hearts. But alas there exist a few people who just cannot see AvNeil’s happiness and love. Burning with envy and rage certain people are set on the path to destroy what Avni and Neil share.

Today as a special feature we have 3 heartfelt notes to the people who are being DEVILS in the love story of AvNeil.

So without further ado, here we go.

Heartfelt NOTE 1 – To Ali – You Have Become A Stigma In The Name Of Friendship

Ali, you have been a great friend to Avni. But what you have become now is in no way the traits of a good friend. You have become a stigma in the name of friendship.

It is fine that you have built your life with the thoughts of Avni for so long but now when the woman you claim to be your best friend is not reciprocating to your feelings beyond friendship, why can’t you just let it go?

Avni has found a good life partner in Neil and instead of being happy for her you have the audacity to behave as if Avni has done some injustice to you.

Ali if you continue this, the day is not far when Avni will tell you, ‘Tujh jaise Dost se behtar, woh Dushman hai, jo Dosti ka sahara liye rishtey nahi todte’.

Pull up your socks Ali or be ready not just to lose the love of Avni but her friendship too. Get this in your head Ali; you stand no chance in Avni’s life.

If you want your best friend to have the best man in her life, than let her be. She is with the man who is THE BEST for her. So Ali act fast or lose your friend too, your choice!

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  1. Totally agree! Ali open your eyes. You wanted Avni’s happiness, well she found it. With Neil. Yes, it’s tough to accept, but if you really love her and she’s your best friend then be happy for her. She’s finally got the happiness she deserves. Even if it’s not with you.
    Rhea- Get a life girl. Breaking up Avni and Neil doesn’t mean you’ll get Neil coz he won’t look twice at you in his life. Even when he was getting engaged to you, he did it out of duty and his decency. Not love. You don’t love him anyway. Stop doing your grandma’s dirty work, and being a bimbo.
    Shweta – you’re just evil and selfish. You don’t deserve a son like Neil.


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