Naamkarann : Mowgli To Be Revealed As Neil Khanna’s Son ; Neil To Propose Mitali For Marriage!

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Star Plus’ Naamkarann is all set to come up with some interesting twists and turns in the storyline. The upcoming episodes will be packed with drama and unpredictable twists.

Viewers will soon get to see how Mowgli is revealed to be originally Neil and Avni’s son. For the uninitiated, Avni left home, her family and Neil 10 years ago after setting Vidyut’s house on fire, pretending to be dead herself along with little Mishti.

But soon enough after leaving home and destroying her identity, she realised that she had been pregnant. Mowgli is supposedly Neil and her son. However, she has been hiding Mowgli’s identity since 9 years now.

Neil’s father Prakash Khanna along with Sunehri will be shown aware of this fact in the show.

Also, in a sudden twist, viewers will see Mitali getting admitted in the hospital.

Avni’s constant denial and her adamant decision to leave Neil and go away will enrage Neil further and he will decide to propose Mitali.

Furthermore, with Neil’s proposal to Mitali, the entire Khanna family will be saddened as they would still want their beloved daughter in law Avni to come back in their lives.

Amidst all this, the wedding preparations for the same may start pretty soon.

Also the drama at the Kapoors will go on as Sayesha will come to know about her biological father Vidyut and will be disheartened to find that she is the daughter of a criminal and Kamini’s plotting and planing against Sayesha and Khanna’s, especially Avni, will keep bringing AvNeil closer.

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  1. Mogli being Neil’s son is the last thing I wanted to see. This revelation has totally killed Avni’s character. Firstly,the way the 10 year leap was taken and the reason Avni decided to leave Neil were both plain ridiculous. That was always my gripe with the show but since the post leap episodes were written nicely, I managed to somehow overlook that. But Mogli being Neil’s son has just killed it. Firstly,Avni leaves Neil (for an outlandish reason..sorry but I don’t buy the “mere pyaar ko bachane ke liye I left him/her” kind of leaps) and causes him immense heartbreak. Now to make things worse,they want to show that she hid Mogli from Neil for a freaking 9 years for no sane reason whatsoever!!

    Uff..its become a long rant but I had to say this. Anyways,I like the show and will continue watching even in the wake of this gross twist.

    • I would like to agree as well as disagree on this. I know this 10 year leap has agitated all of us and many of the NK fans think that Avni’s reason for such a big step was not valid. But I would like to think differently. Firstly we all need to accept the fact that NK isn’t about AvNeil love story…its about the life and hurdles faced by an illegitimate child brought up in this society. Avni’s thinking and beliefs are very different from normal children. She has been always either fighting or running away. Like when Khanna family accused her of having an affair with Ali or when her truth of being illegitimate came out the first thing she dis was run away. That’s the natural instinct of Avni. I’m not saying its right…its NOT but who doesnt have flaws? Its just at that time Avni had Neela Ma to bring her back on track.. to explain her or to change her opinions. Coming to current track….amidst everything people are forgetting the biggest change in Avni’s life that happened 10 years ago…NEELA MA’S MURDER. We believe Avni running away to keep everyone safe was insanity. But taking it from Avni’s point of view…it wasn’t. That was the most right thing to do. And to understand this you need to understand the crux of the story. Right from the childhood she was called as sinchild, paap ki paidaish and whatnot. Infact when Ayesha Ma died…Dayawanti Mehta kept taunting her saying “Tu apni hi maa ko khaa gyi…daayan hai tu” . This is something that leaves a great impact emotionally and mentally on a 11 year old child. And if you remember after Neela Ma’s death when Avni was crying all alone she had a hallucination where Dayawanti was laughing at her and said the same thing. Now imagine you lost your Mother, father, Step-mother that is the only strength in your life…and although you are not to be blamed for it but someone constantly blames you for it…what state of mind would you be in? Knowing how much impact Neela Ma had on Avni’s life…I believe when Avni left Neil she still wasn’t over her death or her past that got triggered by the death. Avni is strong but all of us know…her past is her weakness. And Vidyut took advantage of that. He knew that and so he threatened her to kill the remaining people she loved…thus proving Dayawanti’s words correct that “she is a dayan who eats everyone that loves her”. Along with this…there’s also the point of Prakash being drugged and the one to pull the trigger. If she wouldn’t have played such a big drama he would have went to jail although being innocent and Avni firsthandedly knew how it feels to be in jail despite being innocent. And at that time Neil was Acp so how would have he coped up with the fact to arrest Prakash? It took him 6 months to free Avni…Prakash would have suffered the same fate. When Neil just thought that he might have killed Neela Ma he was shaken to the core. If this truth would have come out then Prakash would have also overcome with such guilt (although he shot when he was drugged…but that wouldn’t stop his guilt). Taking all of these things in mind I believe Avni truly played a masterstroke with the fire and fake death and that was commendable thinking on behalf of the writers. They truly did justice to Avni’s character.
      Talking about after leap…Yes…Sayesha’s plot was boring and irritating and didnt make any sense. But that was because we were all hoping to find that sweet, innocent Mishti that loved her Angel but we were all disappointed by this annoying brat and irresponsible behavior of Mishti. This did harm Avni’s character. Talking about Mowgli being AvNeil’s son…I agree…this one’s harming Avni’s character. Staying away from the person you love for the above reasons is somewhat justified because in that you can sense Avni’s insecurities and weaknesses that she never overcame. But hiding the truth of a child for 10 years CANNOT be justified…especially when the serial revolves around the life and struggle of a child for a legit NAME!
      I wish makers would have rather focused on how Neil comes to know all the above reasons and finally apologizes to Avni and helps her overcome her insecurities. And make her understand that she too deserves the love she left behind…as we can all see Avni still feels she cant give Neil all the happiness. Or even a plot showing how Avni feels remorseful over her actions and fights back for Neil, with Neil to take her back. Because we all just LOVE FIGHTER AVNI. Anything other than the same old ‘a-kid-that-brings-his-parents-together’ track.


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