Naamkarann : And When The Prisoner Interrogated The Police Officer – AvNeil Opening Up Their Hearts!


Avni could not keep it any longer. Yesterday she told Neil what she always wanted to tell him, what she really believed to be true.

And Avni opening up to Neil and interacting with him promises one thing – That she really wants Neil to know her side of the story too.

And that is what makes the AvNeil story more interesting day by day. With each passing day, a new aspect is shown, a new step is taken in their relationship.


Vidyut And His Not Happening Dreams

Vidyut, in which world do you live? Somewhere in La La Land? Or maybe in some unfortunate dream? We must say that you should come out of your daydreams as soon as possible.

If not, then beware of the consequences! You are thinking that one day you will become the MLA and then take out Avni from the jail? And that she will become indebted towards you? Come out of your dreams as soon as possible Mr Vidyut for Avni needs no help from you to escape the jail.

And when she comes out, she will not even spare you. “Ehsaano ke taley dabb jayegi” is not going to work for her! You have never known even half of how and what Avni is! If you truly loved her then you would not have wanted to hurt her, first of all.

And secondly you wouldn’t be making plans with one of her inmates to spoil Avni’s plan. You know what Vidyut, all you have is just lust for her. Nah, not even close to love!

If you truly love someone, then you would look out for the best for them, wouldn’t care about your image in front of their eyes. Their interest should come first.

And you won’t be so eager to let them know that it was you who has helped them. Neil has done that and in a dignified way, is still doing that only. He cares for Avni, did what was best for her according to him, but hid the fact from her, only to protect her.

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  1. A gratitude post + A suggestion post + A complaint withheld since quite a time now that can’t be stopped from expressing. (Everything out of love for y’all)
    Very glad that y’all have started giving us daily episodic review of Naamkarann!
    Naamkarann has been really a very unique show where cliches are strictly avoided, with even more unique characters and genuinly very hardworking n talented actors, growing with each passing day. It always has a strong storyline which is much more than an egoistic male lead being transformed into a goodie goodie guy by an opposite natured bubbly girl next door n thousands of villains popping out of nowhere either out of baseless “obsession at first sight” for the leads for the money the man has or the unfound beauty female has (based on 1 minutes scene) or the power of the leads or some idiotic past revenge motive that really makes no sense. And hence it does deserve all the appreciation. 🙂
    Sorry to say, but Fuze always seemed to be biased towards ishqbaaaz. Ishqbaaaz was really a dear show initially, and hence there has been a time, I had really waited for your articles on that. But this must be accepted that the show has lost its plot long long ago. The show was about brotherhood and their unity and then their respective love stories; but not it is only about Shivaay Annika, their unstoppable monotonous romance n Shivaay fighting atleast one psycho everytime…there’s nothing new now. Under different names to the tracks, same thing has been happening ever since. Omkara Gauri are shown for a few seconds and Rudra has been completely forgotten since God knows when. N this makes me wonder what makes y’all write ‘n’ number of articles on this rinse n repeat show! I am neither Ishqbaaaz or Shivika hater nor Rikara Ruvya Rumya lover to be bashing here, but the point is whenever fans request the makers about showing something new, all that the makers keep justifying is “Shivaay’s journey” (Looks like Shivaay is the only character makers have penned down), “Annika is a girl of today n a strong character”…only because she doesnt take her husband’s name and not a grahlaxmi types and wears so called fashionable clothes instead of traditionals (yes she was storng n really independent until she got married, now she is either a crackpot for making very little funny jokes or nothing but a damsel in distress crying for every little thing n depending on Shivaay for right from her breakfast to money to emotional support to fighting the villains, everything…baas zubaan mein dum hai ab chameli maarungi n all but keeps only crying!), n their journey, stupid then vs now for every scene…n if that was not enough, Fuze has been delivering lectures on the same everyday! Just like the episode ends in few minutes by fast forwarding this boring stuff, the articles too end in a minute, because Ishqbaaaz has been really monotonous now (Strictly my opinion only)
    You guys are not responsible for the story of any show and y’all can only review what is shown, but the thing is the appreciation Ishqbaaaz is getting is really overrated. There are many other shows, characters, actors who indeed deserve much more appreciation, There is this show Naamkarann which has always broken the stereotypes, if u consider the recent and prior promo, u can see what the real “Girl of today” is…the real fighter…who can fight herself without waiting for the husband to come n take her in his arms n console..the badass! Avni has been bang on with her action sequences. The best couple itself means being equal in every sense and Neil and Avni always have been one! Agreed Neil has always protected Avni and very few times kept the things secret from her…but that was never because “Mein tumhe pareshaan nahi karna chahta” n doing everything alone but because he knows his wife is a lady don and she would go any length to serve the purpose! Such sensible n realistic characters are rare on TV who have their senses, emotions, love, anger, desperation, possessiveness, insecurities everything in place and have guts to speak them out like normal human beings. There are actors like Aditi Rathore and Zain Imam who have been literally working day n night to give such back to back action scenes which r really much more than just screaming “Annikkkaaa” or “Shivaaaayyy” and are presenting better skills in any genre with each passing episode. There are actors like Divyanka, Karan and Ruhaanika who can even after 4 years of show’s run still give the viewers chill with their phenomenal acting given any story, any script, any genre, any intensity…recently be it Raman’s memory loss, Pihu’s abused traumatised state or Ishita’s death sequence, the scenes have been extremely natural as always. But we never saw any appreciation for these. Ishita’s death drama was equally appreciated and criticized by viewers, but u can’t deny the talent DT has shown. A while ago, Ishita very beautifully explained the kid about good touch and bad touch which is a need of “today’s time”. The actor, the scene and the message it passed was really applause worthy but never was praised. Only mentioning about them in weekly articles is not enough, adding Divyanka and Karan in top 10 or so of the week with a line of praise itself is a joke, already the world knows that! Mid-week articles for these shows and actors will also be loved!
    This was not to compare the shows or create fan wars, everyone has their favourites. So its just a request, please, “along with Ishqbaaaz”, give other shows also the appreciation, attention, promotion of their due…they really deserve much more. Hope Fuze doesn’t appear to be “Shivika special” website but a genuine entertainment portal and critic. Only then all your voting polls will be fun as u get the readers from all the shows equally.
    Sorry, this was not bashing against y’all nor against ishqbaaaz, this was just a reality check, because I personally love the write-ups by all of u writers and I know y’all work really hard for that going out of your way.
    So glad that finally at least one more show is getting so much love, and happy that I can again wait for the next mornings to read a beautiful article of Fuze…for Naamkarann. Keep up the good work this new year!
    Thanks much! 🙂


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