Naamkarann : The Tales Of Sweet And Softness Galore In The AvNeil Kisses Shared – Kiss Day Special!

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It is often said ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’. Here with a little twist we would like to say ‘a kiss a day with many more to follow shared by Neil and Avni can keep their troubles at bay’!

AvNeil from Star Plus’ Naamkarann have found a perfect place to reside in, in each other’s hearts from being strangers.

These two have slowly but steadily walked in the path of love and have found love. Every time Neil and Avni share a moment of kiss, the moment becomes precious.

With the words like softness and delicate prefixed and suffixed to it, every kiss AvNeil have shared till date has been like the softest texture of silk available.

Neil and Avni have shared kisses ranging from the kiss of support, to the kiss of showcasing their love in all its glory. Every kiss of their life is still remembered.

These kiss moments have created a world of being content for AvNeil leaving happiness ringing behind and enveloped in its softness and sweetness.

As a special feature today on account of the day being kiss day we are giving you in stills the AvNeil kisses.

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  1. I think Avni and Neil is probably the only couple on tv that have shared so many kisses onscreen. The fandom has lost count 😁😉


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