Naamkarann : The Unexplained Pull Of Love ; The Unknown Push Of Crush!


Hello all!

Hope you guys are all doing well and good!

Today’s episode has nothing much to analyse. So will keep it rather simple and straight.

Honestly speaking, going too deep is emotionally exhausting also. And I want to spare myself with that for this one night.

We had apparently 3 moments tonight to put our attention on. And all those 3 moments came up with different emotions.

Here’s a recap of what we watched today! –


MOMENT 1 – Neil’s First Interaction With Mishti!

Sayesha aka Mishti have many people to like in her life. She is a young mind who is being nurtured inside a very protective wall.

The wall is thick and that somehow makes it difficult for her to penetrate it and get to know the real world outside.

Whatever and however life she spends, one needs to understand that the people with whom she lives are all goodness personified. She hasn’t known what ‘bad’ is for a long time.

As the little Mishti, when we had seen her for the first time, she had known fear, evil, cruelty and selfishness more than she knows now.

On one hand, it’s good she forgot all of that. But on the other hand, her this quest of finding admiration, love, and even respect elsewhere rather than her own house and circle may someday land her in big trouble.

Her ‘true love’ is KK – Who may forget her instantly the day he leaves the town. And if she chooses to go behind him, she may get hurt badly.

Her source of admiration is Mitali – Because she could do something that her Jaan Didi could not do for her and  by now she doesn’t even expect the same from her.

Her source of right suggestion is Neil – Because after hearing him since months or years, talking about love, she feels only he can give her the right suggestion with regards to her ‘love’.

Don’t get me wrong here please! For a teenager to have crushes, finding source of admiration in someone admirable is nothing wrong.

But what disturbs me is that, along with them, she doesn’t find anything admirable in Avni at all! She has stopped asking for suggestions from her. She loves her Jaan Didi of course for what she does for her and other children, but her ignorance towards her any point of view may land this young girl in trouble some day!

Because Mitali isn’t with her 24×7! Neil doesn’t know who her ‘true love’ is. And KK doesn’t really love her!

And the person who knows the reality and wants to safeguard Mishti – Doesn’t have any importance in her eyes.

It seems she is slowly getting pushed into an unknown territory because of her this one sided crush on KK. She is moving away from Jaan Didi.

Today, Avni and Sunehri’s conversation that mentioned Vidyut also reminded of one thing.

The moment Avni’s real identity will be out, Vidyut will be out. It’s been 10 years already and by now Vidyut would need Mishti’s kidney to survive. Because obviously their DNA match!

This girl will be in grave danger some day due to her real biological father.

Whatever Avni did, she didn’t do it for Neil only. She did it for Prakash. She did it for Neil and she did it for Mishti. One fake death, and everyone’s life was safeguarded.

Yes, she wasn’t right to do so. But it takes courage for a real fighter to run away from the battlefield too! Sadly, the one person for whose childhood, Avni gave up her youth, doesn’t appreciate her at all.

Someday, she will know the real Avni. Someday, Mishti will know that her source of every admiration and respect has always resided with her, in that very Sukoon house and that she need not look outside for the same every time.


P.S. :- Neil and Sayesha’s first interaction was kind of cute. The man who has believed in true love always, gave the advice to her to follow her heart. Her instant denial to reveal her name made him laugh. And somehow, this cute little conversation wherein the ‘superman’ gave some heartfelt suggestions to Mishti, was heartwarming.

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  1. Totally agreed with everything u said about Saesha.
    Her behaviour is very ungrateful n annoying. Hope they soon show a good story about her mistakes n realisations about what Avni is to her. Mishti/Saesha is anyways a not so liked n unwanted character for the fans nor this actress is much impressive, hope they at least show her the way fans don’t get annoyed even with her screen-presence.
    I liked the Vidyut’s kidneys part that u thought lol. Vidyut is gonna come back with a huge bang whenever he does!


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