Naamkarann : What A Brain Storming Session Along With Neil, Avni And Neela!


Very few shows are there that makes your mind and brain both work together. Generally, in case of Indian TV shows, it’s your mind that gets affected because the creators emphasize more on knocking you out emotionally first.

Very few shows are there that intend to impress you more with brain work than with mind work. Naamkarann is one such show.

Or let’s say, it’s as much as brain work as much as mind work. It makes the pulse of your brain and the beats of your heart, both run faster!

Today’s episode of Naamkarann has been one such episode where mind and brain worked together while watching the show. And as a viewer, I am going to tell you when I lost the brain game and when I didn’t.


Neil’s Exclusive Secret Words For Avni

She had sent him a letter writing with lemon juice. He could read the content only by holding the piece of paper over a burning candle.

He too sent her a letter today. It was blank and she was needed to use her brain decoding the hint DD carried along with his message to read the content of the letter.

The way the phrase ‘Aakhon ke tale’ was used to imply to ‘kaajal’ and it was used with water to read Neil’s letter – We wonder if anyone while listening to DD’s message repeatedly would have guessed what he actually hinted.


As a viewer, honestly speaking, I was expecting Neil to send a blank letter but DD’s words of ‘andhera’ and ‘roshni’ were picked up more by my poor brain instead of ‘aankhon ke tale’. For once, I had thought probably holding the paper in front of some sort of light will make the content readable?

But that would have been too easy, no? So yeah, in my first brain storming session with Neil, Avni and DD, I lost! The wiring of their brain was too complex to comprehend. At least for me!

I mean why would someone stress his or her brain on a romantic phrase like ‘aankhon ke tale’ to solve a puzzle when you have more heavy words to care about? But that’s how Naamkarann CVs make a fool out of you!

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  1. hahahhahaha.!!
    awsumm 1 Saheli..
    & yes evn i decoded DD’s msg as sumthin abt sunshine & darkness.. lol. u almst penned down my feeeligns.
    ofcrx tis is wat v lov abt the show,, it challanges my brain to wich is lyk a v.v.v.rare possibility on ITV

  2. Saheli … I don’t know anything about the show !!! Just came here to read your words !!!
    Right after that Avni is another hero not a heroine wala article …
    Let me try to catch up the episode !!!

  3. Loved this episode Naamkarann is true to nay soch and is probably one of the few shows that still has a gripping story. I cannot wait to see how Avni gets out of jail

  4. Saheli love the way u write. Its like sitting across u and u sharing ur views.
    Loved the article.

    BTW i want to share my opinion too.

    Loved the episode. Such an exceptional one. No doubt Naamkarann stands out. Having followed the show, I guess the post leap episodes now have been the best written intellectually. Cause the emotional aspects got their dues and the intelligence of the main and supporting characters stands tall.

    Love neil neela bond. There is respect and love that even most blood relations share.

    I love neela s character. I always love it when she gets screen space. And her character has been the most consistent ones so far.

    Hats off to the minds behind the script.
    Avni could have asked for mother’s freedom on giving the card. But probably would have been denied. So she made the best after learning neil has learnt abt neela is to play smart and ensure her mother’s safety to buy time. She knows neil is acting from outside and she is acting from inside by buying time. Brilliant.

    Damn i just loved it.

    Great article again.

  5. Another grear article on Namkarann. This show is keeping us on our toes. Thank you so much for this write up!

    Ps: please we need an article solely on Avneil. Don’t you think their one unique couple? They’re one of the best jodi right now.

  6. literally what a writer you are πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
    everything you observed is like woww brainstorming game of nk characters πŸ‘ŠπŸ™Œ
    and last two peras abt neil being hatke damaad and abt jailer gives you πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


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