Nach Baliye 6 : Who Will Last Until The Finals? Your Take!

Nach Baliye 6
Nach Baliye 6
Nach Baliye 6
Nach Baliye 6

Nach Baliye 6 was the most highly anticipated dance reality show that started with a bang with 13 jodis and its major theme was of bold passion. All the couples redefined their relations and honing their performing skills brought everything they had to the stage. Some had the ‘chemistry’ that made them win hearts of both the viewers and the judges and some did the required hard work to make everyone realize their presence.

All the 7 remaining couple are perfect yet lack a little bit of something where someone have the power of votes and someone has the skills of dance as there is always two sides to each condition. Even though the acts get improved and enhanced every week, there are also eliminations that happen every week and the race to the finale gets tougher!

Riddhi Dogra & Raqesh Vashisth: 

Nach Baliye 6
Riddhi Dogra & Raqesh Vashisth

They are the ones who are been named as ‘Passion ki Pathshaala’. There’s no doubt that they have a scorching sizzling chemistry which was very much proved from their first act on ‘Saans Mein Teri’ but everyone knew Raqesh was the non-dancer and he needed to improve himself. After their second act Raqesh-Riddhi changed their choreographers which did wonders to their acts and they scored their first 33 in their third act. However, Shilpa Shetty termed Raqesh as the ‘Dark Horse’ in the game. Voting wise they are not the strongest but also not the weakest.

Shivangi Verma & Ripudaman Handa: 

Nach Baliye 6
Shivangi Verma & Ripudaman Handa

The Master chef Ripu when entered this competition with his long time girlfriend Shivangi, many didn’t predict them to do so well.  As a chef his skills are paramount in the kitchen, but looks like one cannot impound Ripu in the kitchen any more as he proved everyone wrong. Their acts have been very consistent and  praised by the judges. Even a hairline fracture in Ripu’s hand didn’t stop them from delivering their best.

Shivangi receives criticisms for her performances but likewise she improves every week. Voting wise the couple has been both strong but also weak because of which they got eliminated but were brought back in the competition through wild card..

Asha Negi & Rithvik Dhanjani: 

Nach Baliye 6
Asha Negi & Rithvik Dhanjani

Another couple who met on the sets of the popular show ‘Pavitra Rishta’ of Zee TV now share a very beautiful and are evidently one of the strongest contenders of this season due to the fact Rithvik is an awesome dancer and they have a strong audience voting. But the couple is having a bumpy ride as Rithvik is a great dancer but Asha needs to prove herself at many instances. Both of them also got badly hurt during on their early performances where Rithvik hurt his eyebrows and incurred five stitches while Asha had to get 12 stitches for her injury on her chin.

Asha did work very hard to earn the desired feedback from the judges and after their act on the popular song ‘Saree ke fall sa’ judge Terence Lewis was so impressed that he went ahead to praise the duo.  The new couple has a lot to learn when it comes to factual ardor but their cuteness is something which can’t be denied and that’s why their voting has always been their strongest point which has always encouraged them to work harder and prove themselves again and again.

 Raksha Thakur & Vinod Thakur: 

Nach Baliye 6
Raksha Thakur & Vinod Thakur

No one imagined that this couple would come this far but their undying spirit of dancing and positivity has proved all wrong. Their awesome creative acts from day one have impressed both judges and the audiences and you just can’t take anything away from their choreographers. The enthusiasm to attest oneself is very apparent in the twosome.

Conversely, if talked about their chemistry the couple needs just a smidgen more to generate delightful magic. The restrictions have never been their weak point and not only the voting, the judges are also very impressed with their courage and fighting spirit.

Debina Bonnerjee & Gurmeet Choudhary: 

Nach Baliye 6
Debina Bonnerjee & Gurmeet Choudhary

A very popular Jodi who needed no introduction when they entered the competition. Debina and Gurmeet were already on a whole new-fangled echelon when it comes to enthusiasm and dancing. They proved themselves from their very first act and every other contestant felt them as their toughest competitor. Though their ride was a bumpy one too as Debina injured her 8th and 9th ribs and fractured her 10th rib through an aerial act in which she was asked to pull Gurmeet from the floor. But Debina never gave up and her will power helped her through all her acts.

Chemistry/Passion: Check

Dancing Skills: Check

Impressed the Judges: Check

Voting: Check.

All the positives are with them making them very strong contestants in this race.

Kanika Maheshwari & Ankur Ghai: 

Nach Baliye 6
Kanika Maheshwari & Ankur Ghai

The couple who has been together for long and shared a long distance relationship too didn’t seem to grasp the essence of passion and attitude fully. Kanika is a very good performer but Anukur needed the push as he was a non dancer and also not from the industry. Although his sense of humor is something that seems to work wonders for him especially with the Judges. Kanika also fractured her left toe and both knees while rehearsing for a hand stand, followed by a lift. She had been advised bed rest but she hopes to carry on performing as now they are very near to the finals.

Kanika and Ankur need to buck up and perform innovative acts on the stage if they want to reach the finishing line. The voting for this couple is very mediocre and they need to obtain good marks from the judges to stay in the competition.

Priyanka Sharda & Kiku Sharda: 

Nach Baliye 6
Priyanka Sharda & Kiku Sharda

Last but certainly not the least are the brilliant comedian Kiku and his wife Priyanka. The couple is funny and activeness works luminously in their favor but the comedy quotient was never enough as they had to show their dancing skills.

Kiku no doubt has amazing flexibility and skills when it comes to dance and priyaka did put a lot of hard work as required for the competition. To stay strong and in the running, the couple needs to pull up their socks and prove themselves in each act as the audiences and judges both need a confirmation of their presence on stage.

So these are the remaining dark horses who are equally strong and giving tough competition to each other in order to reach the finale. Who do you think will prove to be the winner? Whom are you trading for? Let us know whom you are supporting in the comment section.

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Author : Alia T.



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