Nakuul Mehta And Leenesh Mattoo’s Reunion At Rishikesh In Fun Unlimited! – PICS AND VIDEOS

Nakuul Mehta

When Ishqbaaz brothers Shivaay Singh Oberoi and Rudra Singh Oberoi holiday together, they for sure pack a fun punch.

And bringing the house down again are the two dashing men of Indian television, Nakuul Mehta and Leenesh Mattoo.

The two stars are having reunion at Rishikesh and they are having fun unlimited. The videos and pictures of Nakuul and Leenesh are masti personified.

Their bromance will spread out and out cheer and their reunion has been legit delightful.

Don’t believe us? No problem. View below the videos and pics and see for yourself SSO and RSO having FUN unlimited.



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