Nakuul Mehta And Sanaya Irani’s Tiny Fable With An Unexpected Ending Conveys This Message Beautifully –

Nakuul Mehta And Sanaya Irani In Ved And Arya

The film starts with a very heartwarming scene of a new dad putting his daughter to sleep.
And just when his little munchkin decides to bless him with moments of solace and relaxation, this man has a visitor!

And while Nakuul Mehta as Ved is already intriguing you, here comes Sanaya Irani aka Arya in the picture.

Nakuul Mehta And Sanaya Irani In Ved And AryaWith the easy flow of conversation and casual moments amidst them, the first few minutes will make you rack your brain with the question of who exactly Arya is? Is she Ved’s friend? A colleague? And while you’re trying to figure that out, a smile will soon make way to your lips when they turn out to be siblings and the way their conversation carries on smoothly, with a little teasing and leg pulling, it would be an absolutely relatable heart warming feel to watch them open up about each other’s problems and personal life.

Watching Arya slowly opening up about some ‘Aadi’ in her life, whom she feels connected with, Ved intervenes multiple times to make sure her sister is getting the right signals this time in contrast to her previous relationships.

Nakuul Mehta And Sanaya Irani In Ved And Arya

But a little later as soon as Arya puts her heart on her sleeve about her feelings with respect to this new person in her life, Ved is quick to understand the commotion she’s going through.

And here comes the biggest twist one would keep wondering of! Ringing the doorbell, enters Aadi aka Adira there. Receiving a warm welcome by Arya, her loved one, the later with Aadi settles down with the two sitting hand in hand, with unspoken emotions and a content smile playing on their lips while Ved stands watching his sister with the heartful and affectionate smile himself.

Looking at the bigger picture, one thing that’s truly intriguing and will capture your interest to keep it going is the way Nakuul Mehta and Sanaya Irani make it gripping with the natural flow of conversation and comfort amidst them. The sibling bond with no over the top affection and yet giving away the warmth with the banter made is so relatable that you wouldn’t press the back button for sure!

The most captivating and magical stuff happens in the end. All after you’ve thought Aadi to be Arya’s new boyfriend and how the girl has been dating but had no luck with her previous relationships, all after your natural instinct made your mind take the usual route, here comes the surprise that will make you take a breather, ponder over what instantly happened, stop for a while and take in the scenario in front of you. It will then instill in you the understanding that those 12 minutes were supposed to and in the end will leave a warm fuzzy feeling and that assuring smile on your face with this tiny fable having its mission accomplished hopefully!

The short films very subtly touches the LGBTQ topic and highlights the role a family has to okay first. The taboo and the depression that comes for many within their own family, the fear of rejection, nonacceptance and judgement often clouds them but for what? Just for being normal? Just for loving an individual in a way different than most of our fairy tales define?

All this comes out in few minutes in a way better than before and you can’t help but fall in love with it!


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