Nakuul Mehta And Surbhi Chandna’s Women’s Day Post Is Stellar And Thought Provoking – READ ONLY HERE

Nakuul Mehta And Surbhi Chandna
Nakuul Mehta And Surbhi Chandna

A woman has various shades. A woman has various faces.

Being a mother – She is the epitome of care, tenderness, love, affection and a strong impenetrable shield.

Being a sister – She is your friend, your critics, someone who is protective of you and someone who will always cheer for you!

Being a wife – She is your supporter, your friend in every need, your best organizer, your partner for life, your better half during every sunset and at every sunshine.

Being a daughter – She makes you a better person, she is your little mother, she is your angel, your future and your strength.

Being a friend – She understands you, she is patient with you, she is your secret keeper and she is the one to be with you at your success or failure.

Being a woman – A woman can be one of the above. A woman can be all of the above. A woman is the other half of the race who nurture,nourish, foster and raise a boy and a girl to become a man and a woman and continue the ethnicity of humankind.

She is a woman who has given birth or raised us or made us whatever we are as YOU and ME, regardless of what gender we belong to.

Celebrating woman’s day today, on the 8th of March 2018, we have come across various heart touching social media posts by celebrities.

And Nakuul Mehta and Surbhi Chandna’s posts are definitely one of those though provoking ones.

The Ishqbaaz actors have paid tribute to the womankind with their beautiful words on their Insta accounts and once you read their posts, we are sure you will too respect the thoughts put forth by them this Women’s day!

Take a look at their posts below and yes, wish you all a very Happy Women’s Day from Fuze!

As far as i can remember, most of my heroes have been women. Grew up believing that my mother is the strongest, most loving & compassionate woman. I still do. Steffi Graf, Priya Tendulkar (Rajani) & Jhansi Ki Rani were my idols. Whilst the rest of the boys grew up on SRK & Salman, I wanted to dance & act like Madhuri. I still do. Whilst the nation hero worshipped Dilip Saab, I was nuts about Waheeda Rahman. Kavita Krishnamurthy over Kumar Sanu. I always had a burning desire to have had a chance to live in the times of Helen Keller & Audrew Hepburn. Okay, Marilyn Monroe too. The memory of PT Usha missing that Olympic medal was stronger than the visuals of Milkha Singh missing his. When i dreamt of being an actor, my ex girl friend & (now) wife was foolhardy enough to believe that I could do it & excel in it. My mother & six year old niece believe that I am possibly the best actor in their universe and that confidence makes me want to outdo my self each day. I am fortunate enough to make a living in an industry which is run by some very special & brilliant women. Every work I have done on Television or digital has been at some point greenlit, curated or spearheaded by a woman and I wouldn't have have half a shot at glory if it weren't for them. Thank you for being one half of us (this planet) & a bigger thank you for nurturing the other half (us)! A true celebration of this day would be to do my best to be a better man, each day. #HappyWomensDay to all you most brilliant women/young women (girls) ♥️

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This Women’s Day is dedicated to the WOMEN of my Industry – leaving families behind to earn a living, having erratic work schedules , at times work in sphere not favouring you, be in the element 24/7 ,drop off the baggage of emotions as soon as the feet touch the workplace , stay fit , look pretty (and so some are forced to go under the Knife )to avoid hearing criticism since you know ‘JUDGING someone ‘ just comes so naturally to us Humans,constantly have the fear of being disgraced at any given point, the fear what if you raise your voice and stand up for what is right for you ,fear of not being respected that one deserves. I want to learn to say a NO and not be diplomatic instead be Fierce Badass and Blunt .I want to gather courage to fight my thoughts that sometimes demotivate me. I want to get Inspired and Inspire . Lets be Tigerish and not Meek. With that thought lets Celebrate today 😍 #HAPPYWOMENsDAY

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