Nakuul Mehta At AVTA 2017 – Turning Winning Speeches Into Inspiring One!

Nakuul Mehta
Nakuul Mehta
Nakuul Mehta
Nakuul Mehta

Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz can definitely be termed as the most popular show of 2017. Like all other award shows, it has yet again made a clean sweep at AVTA 2017 (Asian Viewers’ Television Awards) too. The show has grabbed three main major awards namely – The Best Actor (Nakuul Mehta), Best Actress (Surbhi Chandna) and Best Soap Of The Year.

So congratulations to the entire team of Ishqbaaz from these smooth sweep at the award shows this year. But as much as we stay excited to see the stars holding these trophies, there’s something more that keeps us intrigued and that’s Nakuul Mehta’s winning speech.

We don’t know if it is something to be happy about, that he always finds some hard hitting contemporary issue to talk about in his speech, or we should be sad that there’s always one disturbing event taking place in this dramatic world around us, urging him to speak for. However, it’s simply gratifying to hear Nakuul Mehta’s take on these unfortunate events.

Last time the actor had talked about the Weinstein issue and about how to make work place safer for women when he received the ITA Award 2017 for Best Actor.

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This time, at AVTA 2017, after a series of thanks to the channel, production, his team and audience, he talked about the Padmavati row that has rocked the nation since a few weeks and also highlighted how intolerant as a society we have become.

The video of his speech is embedded below. However, for those who still suffer due to snail speed internet connection in this growing era of ‘Digital India’, the most important part of his speech is quoted as under –

“Sadly free speech and artistic expression often finds bans and open threats back home. I really really wish we become a more tolerant society, we are open to dialogues and exchange, instead of blanket bans and threats. And you and me can do it because history is meant to empower us, to inspire us, to propel us . Let’s make sure that our future generation can also be proud of their history, which is going to be made by what we do today. So what we do today is essential.”


  1. His speeches have truly been inspiring. That’s what made me his fan. Difficult to see such men in Indian society, and especially the glamour world.


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