Nakuul Mehta’s Emotional Adieu To Shivaay Singh Oberoi Will Leave You Teary Eyed For Sure!

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Ishqbaaaz, a show that has been ruling hearts since 2.5 years now is going to play its last innings soon with the current cast and bidding adieu to this beautiful tale of Obros and the wonderful jodis of Shivika, Rikara and Ruvya has been heartbreaking for not only the fans but the entire cast too.

And whilst everyone is engaged in a battles to revive the show with their favourites, Nakuul Mehta’s letter to Shivaay Singh Oberoi is going to surely leave you emotional and how.

In this post shared by the actor on his Instagram account, he has conveyed his heartfelt emotions to the Shivay, the character that took million hearts by storm with his charm and enigma and stole the limelight with his ‘jodidaar’ Surbhi Chandna aka Annika leaving behind ‘Shivika’ together for their fans to cherish.

Reminiscing his journey as Shivaay Singh Oberoi from his pilot shoot to coming this far in the skin of the character, the way the actor has lived and breathed life into Shivaay’s character has been phenomenal and will be irreplaceable for sure.

Although Nakuul Mehta would be retained in the show as Shivaay and Annika’s son, the fact that SSO, the man like no other wouldn’t be seen onscreen is heartbreaking. This parting message is going to trigger emotions and definitely leave you teary eyed –

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Dear Shivaay, It was July 21, 2015 – first day of our pilot shoot at a rundown suburban studio in Mumbai – when I first got into your shoes. Met a lot of new people that day but all my mind could process was that I needed to step up and find my bearings playing someone who in equal measure was larger than life & almost iconic (in our heads) yet far from the values or moral compass of the person who I am. If I was to be completely honest, those were unsteady feet. . We wrapped our pilot shoot and went our separate ways until the show was commissioned and we finally had a shoot date, April of 2016. In those eight months, I found you. Bit by bit. On a Friday night over a drunken conversation with a friend at a bar, I found within me the tone which I needed for you. I knew Shivaay couldn't sound like me. I can be vanilla and factual which SSO couldn't be. I decided to keep it. There would be endless days when I'd ruminate about how you would walk, how you'd sit, how would you hold a phone. Who on earth would hold the phone a mile away from the mouthpiece, eh? 😉 You gave me the courage to take chances cause I knew from the very beginning there could be no safe or right way to play you. . A lot of you was handed over to me by your ingenuous creators – the wonderful writing team, the styling, direction & photography units. And then a great deal was found on the studio floors whilst jamming with my terrific ensemble. Through you, I found a magical partnership with your jodidaar who was the complete khidkitod foil to the tadibaaaz you – SC ❤️ Also found a protective older brother within me whilst jamming with the fabulous O Bros – KJ & Lee 😘 Learnt so much & sometimes left unsolicited advice playing big brother, comrade & boss to your extended familia. Shrenster, Manc, Siddz & Naman 💞 It has been so humbling to have experienced all the love & recognition in the form of awards, letters & gifts which the audiences & the industry showered on you, from such close quarters. A lot of that overflowed on to me. . **** Continued in the comments section

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