Nandini Murthy Of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan : 8 Character Traits That We Like And Dislike About Her!

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Niti Taylor As Nandini Murthy Of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan
Nandini Murthy

Nandini Murthy is probably one of the most finest sketched female characters on Indian television whom you can absolutely relate to. She is innocent but intelligent, naïve but not dumb, she isn’t perfect, out of the world or the best girl in the whole universe, she isn’t someone whom you want to idolize, but someone any teenage girl can relate to. Who said positive characters do not have flaws in them? Who said positive characters on TV have to be always right or act selfless?

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We bring you Nandini Murthy whose flawed and realistic characterization makes us love, adore and sometimes get angry at her. There are some qualities of her we like and dislike in the show, but nevertheless love her . Here are the character traits of Nandini which make us feel proud of her at the same time make us go mad at her too:

Likes :

Manik and Nandini
Manik and Nandini

She Is A Fighter

The best thing about this young adult teen girl is no matter how much worse the situation is or whatever bad may have happened to her, she never stops fighting for herself or the right. She doesn’t let anything stop her from believing her instincts or keeping her innocence intact. The latter in fact is her biggest strength. She always fights all her problems keeping her innocence and honesty intact and not losing it.

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