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Criminal MindsTonight’s episode titled ‘Nanny Dearest’ is one that will make you squirm. The team travels to Los Angeles as a preemptive move because an UnSub (unknown subject) had been kidnapping nannies and children around the same time each year and then killing the nannies and dumping their bodies on May 13th. The nannies are tortured and then burned to death in scalding water. He always returns the children to either a hospital or a church within 24 hours after the kidnapping. There was only one nanny who was able to survive because she was able to escape, but due to the traumatic nature of what happened to her, her mind had blocked it out and when questioned she could not remember much. Morgan and JJ head to meet the survivor to re-interview her and see if she remembers anything else that could help them.  The rest of the team find out that a kidnapping has happened. With the help of the survivor, who initially refused because she did not want to remember, they are able to track down the UnSub and save the nanny and child. We find out that the UnSub had a neglectfully nanny who accidentally ends up killing his baby sister in a hot bath because her attention was elsewhere. This is definitely an episode that will bring chills down your spine regardless of whether or not you have kids, but it is a definite must watch.

Spoiler for next week:

The BAU goes to Detroit to track an UnSub with a rapidly changing MO.  Also, Blake’s husband returns from overseas with a life-changing career proposition for her.

Joe Mantegna (he plays SSA David Rossi) tweeted that one of the cast members will be saying goodbye to Criminal Minds and that we will see hints of who will be leaving in the upcoming episodes leading up to the finale. Well, what we do know is that it is not Matthew Gray Gubler and Jeanne Tripplehorn as they are still under contract. According to Deadline, Joe Mantegna and Thomas Gibson are close to signing deals, while Shemar Moore is deep in negotiations. AJ Cook and Kristen Vangsness have turned down the deals that they were offered so it could be one of them. This week’s episode hinted towards JJ (AJ Cook) leaving the BAU because she isn’t able to spend as much time with her son as she’d like.

Do you guys want to see AJ Cook and Kristen Vangsness back? Let us know and stay tuned to Fuze for more exclusive updates!

Author: Rahmina C.

Editor: A. Patel


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