Nation Wants To Know – Questions To The 10 TV Characters That The Nation Desperately Wants To Know!


More than half of the Nation is a viewer of Indian television and after more than two decades of watching Indian shows and the same kind of concepts, characters repeated and recycled, audience now have lost their patience.

Patience is something that is running out for many people when it comes to television shows and some of its characters. Now everyone want things to pace up and every character to behave logically and not give the viewers too much stress.

However, we all are aware of the fact that daily soaps cannot run that way. To build in content and run the show for long a lot many twists and turns are added, loops are kept open and questions remain unanswered for long to keep the viewers hooked to the show till the very end.

But sometimes audience just have had enough and they just want to scream out loud and get their questions answered or get their frustration out.

So today we have come up with questions for these 10 characters which have been long due. Also, mind you these questions are just for fun and real honest reactions and not to offend anyone. We like everyone are very well aware of the functioning of Indian daily soaps.

Here we go:



When in the world are you going to stop being so confusing and diabolic? Why are you so difficult to understand? Why one moment you seem to be making sense to us and the very next moment you make us go blank with your change in attitude? Why are you such a hypocrite?

Are you ever going to come out of your “I don’t know anything, I didn’t do anything, what is my fault” zone?

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