Nation Wants To Know – Questions That Crop In Our Mind While Watching These Shows!

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Indian Television dramas often show us irrelevant content to drag the storyline because of the pressure of generating TRPs for their shows.

But the viewers are intelligent enough to crack the loopholes in the story. Below are few shows, that finally after their elongated tracks have been able to make us question about the tracks. Take a look –

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi – Why So Much Inconsistency In Dev’s Behaviour?

Dev has been a total Mamma’s boy from the start. It’s correct that she made loads of sacrifices for him and his sisters but that doesn’t give her any account to control his life fully. He has the full right to decide what is right and wrong for himself. He loved Sonakshi from heart but left her due to his mother’s growing insecurities. But he couldn’t keep himself away from her for so long. He then married her but with the growing misunderstandings they got separated.

He is now again getting attracted towards her. Even after knowing his mother’s mistakes, he supports her. After the leap, Dev was shown being rude towards his mother and even started questioning her. But now suddenly he is again friendly with her and has absolutely no complains. Why such inconsistency?

He even blames Sonakshi for keeping his daughter Suhana away from him for 7 years even after knowing that she was not fully at fault. When will Dev take a stand for himself? When will Dev fight for his and Sonakshi’s rights? When will he give respect to her in front of his family? When will he learn to balance his relationships? When will he stop being an emotional fool in front of his family? It’s high time for Dev to take a strong, firm and right decision if he wants his daughter’s happiness. Only then she will be able to grow happily with both her parents.

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