Niti Taylor : 6 Times Niti Taylor As Nandini Murthy Impressed Us With Her Impeccable Acting Skills – BIRTHDAY SPECIAL

Niti Taylor As Nandini Murthy From Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan
Niti Taylor As Nandini Murthy From Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan

Nandini Murthy – In A Drunken Daze

As Nandini happens to take a spiked cold drink, the audience got to see the character of Nandini in a drunk state. Niti happens to be so adorable throughout the drunk scenes of Nandini Murthy that you cannot help but fall more in love with the character and the actress.

Nandini is adorably at her cute best, being drunk. From the way she makes Manik run behind her, to how she points out to Manik that she played a small prank and he got so wild, to the time where lying on the car’s bonnet she tells Manik that she will shine for him or the scene where Nandini like a small baby prays to Ayyappa for the world’s happiness for her family and Manik. The scene comes across as being extremely pure and innocent.

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