Niti Taylor : 6 Times Niti Taylor As Nandini Murthy Impressed Us With Her Impeccable Acting Skills – BIRTHDAY SPECIAL

Niti Taylor As Nandini Murthy From Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan
Niti Taylor As Nandini Murthy From Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan

Nandini Murthy – The Ability Of Feeling Others Pain And Always Being There

The show for a few episodes showcased people’s mentality on women wearing short clothes. When Mukti is harassed in the college premises itself and as Mukti breaks-down in the washroom apart from Mukti, it is Nandini who will move you to tears. As she questions Manik about how could the men harass Mukti, Nandini’s tears and her dialogues are ought to move you.

In the very episode, when Pandit asks Nandini to practice and as he is rude to her, though shaken up, Nandini denies and walks out of the room taking her cell and bag along, to go and help her friends.

Niti Taylor was simply brilliant in both the scenes. The scenes were rather very hard-hitting and the credit goes to the actress.

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