Niti Taylor : 6 Times Niti Taylor As Nandini Murthy Impressed Us With Her Impeccable Acting Skills – BIRTHDAY SPECIAL

Niti Taylor As Nandini Murthy From Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan
Niti Taylor As Nandini Murthy From Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan

Nandini Murthy – The Proposer

When Nandini Murthy went down on her knees and professed her love for Manik and promised him a ‘hamesha’, in her style by giving Manik the glowing firefly, time stood at a standstill giving Manik the happiness of the world. The scene was beautiful but what made it more beautiful and gracious is the gorgeous actress enacting the scene.

Though the scene is simple yet this proposal scene is rated among ‘the best’ proposals on television and Niti Taylor emoted the scene perfectly. Whether it is her expression, or smile the actress is simply enchanting and exquisite.

We would like to wish the actress a very happy birthday and success always.

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