Niti Taylor And Abhishek Verma’s First Look In Cappuccino Is Engrossing! – VIDEO

Niti Taylor and Abhishek Verma In Cappuccino

One of India’s leading music labels, Times Music Hub, released a poster yesterday their upcoming musical presentation ‘Cappuccino’.

Incidentally, it stars two popular TV actors who have immense social media popularity too. Abhishek Verma of Ye Hai Mohabbatein fame and Niti Taylor of Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan fame will be seen opposite each other in the story.

Times Music Hub briefed Cappuccino as, “A short little teaser of a beautiful, innocent love story!”

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The video shows Abhishek and Niti at their best and we must say their pair is looking quite fresh and youthful in the short teaser.

It is all set to release or brew on July 16th and we are already excited to watch Cappuccino.

Check out the trailer below –



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