Now Watch All Colors And MTV Shows On VOOT Instead Of YouTube!

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Voot App Of Viacom 18
Voot App Of Viacom 18

Viacom 18 is all set to launch its much awaited app today on March 29 2016. Henceforth, the viewers of channels like Colors TV, MTV, Nickelodeon will be able to watch the past and present shows of the channels on the voot app or at

The YouTube channels of the broadcaster will only have the webisodes or short previews of the shows. To watch the entire episode the viewers will have to visit voot.vom. After Star’s HotStar and Zee’s Ditto TV, Viacom 18 is now set to launch their own app.

MTV Roadies, Splits villa, Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan are all to be watched on Voot now. Even Colors’ off air shows like Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, Rangrasiya, Beintehaa and the current on air shows like Swaragini, Thapki, Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki, Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat and even Bigg Boss’s full episodes will be available only at Voot.

The app will also reportedly be launching many web series building up the new video entertainment destination for the youth. The web series will be rich in content with well known artists taken on board. Also a web chat series will be lauched where celebs will be grilled with topics related to pre-marital sex, role play and will be hosted by the ‘Sanskari Babuji’ of television, Alok Nath. The show is named as ‘Sinskari’ and is produced by Raghu Ram and Rajiv Laxman of Roadies fame.

In case today you are unable to find the full episodes of any of the Viacom 18 shows on YouTube, visit the VOOT app to watch your favourite shows!

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  1. Plz plz plz up kyy all episodes on youtube..i love dis show vry much bt i can’t watch it’s all episodes…i’m not frm india…can anyone tell me which side i can found nd watch all d epi???plz tell…..

  2. guys i m not able to access the episodes of rangrasiya. voot site is not opening and it says that it is not available in your country and i m in india only. so pls help me.


  4. I have never this type of mobile application ie,Voot

    We are unable to view the “Maja takies” Kannada comedy shows

  5. Comment: voot app is useful.please present the serials daily. Thease is ,madhubala, na bole dum na mere kuch haha, sakthi astiuva esasike

  6. What the F**K is this seriously disguisting no episodes of Mtv and colors are unavailble on youtube and What to say of VOOT never seen such a crap app with lots of basic player mistakes no download button,no quality adujsment button force to see on HD which never loads even and it never plays either on Mobile or Pc so all in all this is what Net neutrality is they want us to shift to Voot then they will make this paid .I will file a compalin against this .

  7. Just does not work… N shows black screen… How do I get to see kaisi yeh yaariaan season 1 episode… Any idea

  8. Fire the person who has made this Voot application. The person is like a virus for us. he should be screwed up. We have missed our so many episode of colors Tv beacuse of this disgusting Voot. How cud I now watch my previous episodes .You Tube plssssssssssssssssssssssssss come back. I am requesting you.

  9. Comment: ‘Voot’ means Only ‘black’ screen – only episode video image links and only ads play and not episodes. Colors and MTV ain’t listening to us guys, just on deaf ears. They don’t care.

    • Seriosly after trying to play one episode 14 times(no im not exaggerated) i was yet unable to watch an entire episode…
      I dont mind downloading on watching it on voot …but they should atleast make it user friendly
      Even simple thing like finding the episode you want to watch is made soo incredibly tedious.

  10. Hello Colors, Voot is the Wrost website as well as android app. Please upload series of all videos on youtube. Voot is dis-satisfy your watchrs and colors tv s Fans. Do something as soon as possible so you can make happy your Colors Fans.

  11. ‘Voot’ means Only ‘black’ screen – only episode video image links and only ads play and not episodes. Colors and MTV ain’t listening to us guys, just on deaf ears. They don’t care.

    • That i completly agree from past 1 week only ads play and episodes are not playing, i have tried reinstalling the app thinking their is a problem with the installation but no luck

  12. Can only see black screen . no videps . fooling people. Please unlock videos on you tube. This a worst app I have ever downloaded.

  13. Worst platform. Always shows code instead of episodes. Are chutiyooo yha log episode dekhne aate h language sikhne nhi. Yha aane ki majburi kyuki in chutiya voot ki wajah se youtube pe videos upload nhi ho rhe. Voooooooooooooooooooooooottttttttttttttttttttttt Chutiyaaa app.

  14. Very badly developed, when anyone wants to watch any episode then they don’t care about UI of the website from they watching it. What they care is how smoothly its running. How easily anyone can search any episode. But with voot its seems impossible. It minimize the standard of representing entertainment episodes. Instead of moving up they have degraded the value of all episodes. Highly disappointed with the management of the shows & with the developers of voot. Please upload all episodes on Youtube, as its alway s best.

    • i totally agree. i have been missing many of my favorite shows. please unlock the videos and upload it on youtube. its a sincere request.

  15. Voot is the best app if you are suffering from sleeplessness…One can automatically fall asleep by looking at the constant circular motion icon on the videos(hell slow)…Perpetual wait for your most favorite tv shows can act as sleep drugs…ye kabhi kisine shayad socha hoga…
    COLORS aur MTV waalon….do something before its too late….Public jaise Channel ko utha sakti hai…usse bahut jaldi gira bhi sakte hai….

    • yaar ek dum sahi kaha tumne. sochna kya, mai tho practical example hun….jaane kitni baar laptop on rakh k soyi hun..iss voot k wajah se…

  16. Whats happening 2 dis,its awfully useless.M not even able 2 watch my most favourite show ASHOKA because of dis VOOT(Literally BHOOT)…

  17. Comment:please stop ashoka serial because ham log nhi dekh pa rhe he na esiliye,.dikhayi thapki pyar ki, kasam,trisakti, sasural simar ka…etna phaltu serial ashoka kyo dekha rhe he.

  18. I am getting the error shown below, while trying to watch Color Kannada serial

    {“errorMessage”:”3222 An error has occurred.”, “stackTrace”:””}

    Do something, either allow us to watch on YouTube, like earlier or solve this problem. How many days do you need to sort out?

    • Please comback to you tube it has become long days of watching Agnisakshi, voot is really worst, iam only here voice no vedio to be seen.

  19. Comment:dekhiye agar aapko youtube par upload nhi hi karna he to nhi kijiye lekin ham log ko ashoka dekhna hi he so aap abhi esi wakt voot app pe dounload ka option dijiye. Agar aap se ye bhi na ho sake to koi bat nhi lekin etna jaroor kijiye ye ashoka serial banana he band kar dijiye taki ham sab aapko kuch nhi kha sake aur aap bhi nischint aur ham bhi…..please mere baat par seriously vichar kijiyega ki ham kya khana chate he.

  20. Pls upload all the colors episodes in youtube. Or especially Swaragini pls. This voot app is not working well. Otherwise pls create some download option in this app. so that we can see the episodes after download. It can be fast which was very in online. Otherwise pls reupload all the episodes in youyube………………………

  21. I am not able to see my favour serial Balika Vadhu. VOOT is BHOOT. Please take it off and revert to original scheme

  22. voot is a worst website …it is not working properly…videos stops for every 10sec fuck off…… pls leave your contract to youtube ……they wer awesome

  23. Comment:please sir ashoka ser.. Ko youtube par jaldi se upload kijiye ham log ashoka ko bhut pasand karte he lekin aapke voot app ne hame serial nhi dekhne par majbur kar diya he so please es poor voot app ko stop kijiye aur colors ke sare serial ko youtube par upload kijiye please plezzz….

  24. Comment:Voot app not at all working.Not getting colors kannada serials on voot,upload full serials to youTube only

    • Voot is not at all working. While loading the video some error occurs. Please enable us to watch all Kannada serials on YouTube like earlier. Please do something, fast.

  25. plzz ashoka ser.. Ko youtube par india me bhi upload kijiye plzz hamare request ko ignor nhi kijiye ham wait kar rhe he.thanks

  26. Comment: please telecast ashoka serial on you tube as we cannot afford android mobile. Also you can keep other serials on voot app but should make ashoka avialable on you tube.we love this episode very much and will be happy towatch it on you tube.

  27. Please don’t inhibit our interest in MTV and it’s programmes. People will just stop following the shows. Fix the problem of videos not loading soon and let us watch the shows already.

  28. Color tv ……………..looosa pa neega
    plz VOOOOOT kevalama iruku…it’s not working pakki
    make all yr programs avail in YOUTUBE
    Make it fast

  29. This “” stuff just isn’t happening, not working at all !! Too many random errors and other problems ! Please do re-upload all the seasons of MTV UNPLUGGED and MTV SOUND TRIPPIN back on Youtube ! Its just simple and best and very easily accessible. Hope you comply to my request soon enough.

  30. “The uploader has not made this video available in your country” iska kya matlab hai youtune pe nhi dikh rahe hai videos

  31. Ye sab kya karne ki jarurt hai yar youtube pe koi dikkat thi kya ….? Aur voot kisik liye bhi better nai hai is liye youtube pe upload karo plzzzzzzzz

  32. voot is not working.agar ye hi hal rha to wo din door nhi he ki aapko colors ke channel ka packup karna pdega. you tube par episodes upload kijiye .

  33. Your developers are not that much efficient . They simply ruined the shows. Video quality setting is not working. Do you think all net users In India having 10 Mbps connection ?
    Moreover, no comment section. Hota to gaali wohipe parte.

  34. this is ridiculous!!! I’ve been trying n trying for the past 3 days to watch beintehaa in voot all over again. I also have Silverlight – which voot requires. but the damning site just doesn’t play it!!! this is frustrating! if u ignore ur viewers problems like this, u r the one who will suffer. for god’s sake either upload in youtube, or fix your site voot NOW!! -_______________-

  35. Kya chutiya giri he ye ..why don’t u gadhe dnt upload in youtube chutiyapa q salo band karo ye chutiya giri

  36. yr…kuch to rehem karo hum pe… pe upload karo plz…bht Dino se tv & mtv ke koi bhi serial nhi dek pa rhe hai hum…iPhone,windowsPhone…kahi pe bhi play nhi ho rha….plz youtube pe upload kijiye…hum ap logo ko humari problem bata rhe h…or ap log agr ase he ignore krte rahoge to kese chalega…so plzz I request uh..beg uh…youtube pe upload kijiye plzzz ?

  37. Comment:”Voot” shows again & again can’t play video. it is boring. so upload Youtube. since youtube is an available software. As a result, it will be easy to see for fans.

  38. Comment:ek baat batao Colors ke ghadho.

    mera phone Android 4.1 he.

    to me Voot App downlode karneke liye new mobile phone kharidu kiya?

    ab Colors tv dekhne k liye new mobile kharidna parega?

  39. Comment: Give me direction to see by using “voot”. I downloaded this app but can’t understand, how i can process

  40. Voot aap km s km windows phone me available to kro hadh h yar iphon r android me srf option h r jinka iPhone h wo Kia kare

  41. Fuck you voot app collors Marathi ke serial you toub pe dalo salo kutto kamino tumhari bohat gussa a raha he control majnu control

  42. its such a worst website i have ever seen on the web .

  43. I can’t able to watch MEIEJ on voot. It says’ “go for Faster browser current browser is not supporting content’ What is this means? I use chrome and fire fox for browsing and for hot star it is working superb.

  44. voot is the worst site I had ever seen… It is not playing at all… it takes a lot of time for loading… only… but no use to wait for that… because… it only stops in loading.. it won’t at any thing.. I am missing bhalika vadhu pls…. upload it in youtube

    • I can’t able to watch MEIEJ on voot. It says’ “go for Faster browser current browser is not supporting content’ What is this means? I use chrome and fire fox for browsing and for hot star it is working superb.
      Voot is bekkaar!!

  45. I can’t access Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan on YouTube at all. Now can’t see on MTV India as it takes the link to and trust me it is the worst as the message comes there are no records of the series KYY at all.

  46. your beloved VOOT is not working at all. how will we be able to watch the shows??????? what was the bloody need to do such a worst change. Earlier you couldnt upload on youtube ..still it was fin.. somehow we managed to watch episodes on your slow, buffering lover video player but now we dont hve that too.. voot is not working. do something otherwise your viewers will be flocking upon other channels. thank you!

  47. Dear colors people please come out from the dream of Voot…. It is not at all opening…can’t see any shows of colors ….waste….. If you will continue this… No one will watch colors…. Thanks!

  48. Youtube is the best! Able to download the videos to the PC and watch it whenever we can. Not sure why replacing the best with a lower quality one? Haven’t been able to watch any Colors kannada TV episodes on Voot till today. Please upload the serials on youtube as before.

  49. youtube is the best. voot is the waste. my favourite colors kannada pl. upload tv shows full episodes in youtube only don’t go other waste website ‘like voot’ etc., to continue in future voot net viewers not to like colors kannada channel. !!

  50. upload full episodes of kannada serials in colors kannada through youtube, otherwise it is a waste website. no one to watch colors kannada serials in future.

  51. VOOT is worst. I hate it, it buffers like hell. YouTube is the best and Colors TV please get back to youtube than some crap voot.

  52. Comment:kis kutte ke dimag se voot app ka idea aya he?

    us kutte ko duniya se utha le bhagban.

    sala tu kam socha kar. koyi kam na miye to khambe pe ja ke su-su kar.

    youtube is the best.

  53. please upload all the episodes on you tube…. its way boring to watch on, as it does not work well…. 🙁

  54. Wow….wow….wow….thnxx alottt colorsTv…thank uh very much…youtube se sare episodes delete karne ke liye…paap ho gya Tha shayed…isi liye ap logo ne sare episodes hata diya…or ap log kehte ho hume ki hum “” pe COLORS Ki serials dekhe…but yha pe to kuch bhi nhi h…
    AGAR AP LOG CHAHTE HAI KI AP LOGO KE FANS BANE RAHE TO PLZ YOUTUBE PE SARE EPISODES UPLOAD KI JIYE….ni to rehne dijiye…hum nhi dekhenge apka CHANNEL…jin logo ko entertain krne ke liye ap log kam krte ho…unko he nirash krna h na…to karo fir….thnx again colorsTv

  55. are chutiyo colors ke saare serials ko youtube pe upload karo aur yeh aeda lauda woot app band karo plz yaar itni maherbaani karo

  56. Please upload Colors Kannada and Hindi TV Serials full episodes on youtube please. I love Colors TV shows, is giving error message, haven’t been able to watch any serials on Voot.


  57. Nonsense, Voot is Boooth, not at all viewer friendly, unable to access colors kannada nor download the Voot’s Boooth app.

  58. is not helping.. giving an error message “HTTP 404 Not Found”…and the full video is not available on…very disappointing…

  59. This is pathetic…the app shows that my phone is incompatible I mean like seriously Hot star is much much better than this voot do he’ll with them the site is not opening on chrome.. pathetic utter nonsense N disgusting


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