OMG! The So Called Unstable And Attractive Khadoos Men On TV You Can’t Forget!

Kadoos Men On TV

You can love them, You can hate them but you just can’t forget them.

The above lines perfectly describe our state of mind when it comes to our handsome angry men on TV. You may like to call them ‘Khadoos’ but you simply love them. You love them for their arrogance, you love their style, their stubbornness, their way of romance – basically you love everything about them.

Although its unlikely that you would easily start liking someone possessing these qualities in real life as we all want a sweet, caring person who will woo us all the way. But when it comes to liking the men on TV, we are hypocrites. After all ‘Khadoos’ men are always seen loving that one girl with all their heart and are always faithful.

Now these are reason enough to know why it is impossible to forget these flawed, unstable and attractive khadoos men mentioned below.

Raman Kumar Bhalla
Raman Kumar Bhalla

Raman Kumar Bhalla – Raman is world renowned for his impulsiveness and his hurtful words and actions whenever he is in anger especially on Ishita. This guy can never learn from his mistakes and keeps on repeating the same ones everytime. We do lose our temper everytime he does so, nonetheless we love him, Don’t we?

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  1. Raman Kumar Bhalla is the most adorable male character of TV ever…He is not ‘Khadoos’ at all…♥ ♥ ♥


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