OMG : These Top 5 Shows Torture Us Everyday With Their Current Tracks!

Top 5 TV Shows That Torture Audiences

Creativity sees no boundaries. It’s the creativity of the makers of TV shows that give us such remarkable, beautiful and entertaining stories to watch. However, there is a very thin line in being different and being unimpressive. Not every piece of creativity appeals to the viewers and not every creative idea work in their favour. Hit by the negative impact of creativity, we bring to you the top five most torturous shows on TV currently.

Qubool Hai - Surbhi Jyoti, Karanvir Bohra and Varun Toorkey
Qubool Hai – Surbhi Jyoti, Karanvir Bohra and Varun Toorkey

Qubool Hai – This show on Zee TV which was once loved for its uniqueness, for giving an insight to Muslim culture and for the fabulous chemistry between the lead pairs have now become a by-product of lameness and illogical situations. The show has gone to showing duplicates and identical twins of so many characters that even they themselves have lost track. It seems Surbhi Jyoti who plays the character of the female lead is the one running the show. From witches, to one accident sending you off to Pakistan, to finding you back magically, to precisely in your own house even after losing your memory, the show has simply lost all its credibility.

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