An Open Letter To The Jamai Raja Makers – Viewers’ Uncut Section

Roshni And Neil - Jamai Raja
Jamai Raja
Jamai Raja

Dear Ashvini Yardi, Meenakshi Sagar,

At the outset, we would like to thank you for giving us such an interesting show which had perfect blend of story, dialogue, brilliant actors and a roller coaster script.

But yes, you HAD all this… I’m sure by now your Twitter notifications would have provided you a sense of angst from JR fans and it is so disappointing to see what you guys have done to ruin the show!!

I was an ardent fan of this show from day 0 i.e. since the time I saw promos – only because of the interesting concept i.e. how a man of the house, a son in law can be resolving issues and it isn’t the responsibility of the “bahu” to run the show!! (Believe it or not, I have put Jamai Raja on recording series on Tata Sky from start of the show!!).

Roshni And Neil - Jamai Raja
Roshni And Neil – Jamai Raja

You garnered such capable team of writer and director who took your thought to next level and the cherry on top were the brilliant outstanding actors – Ravi Dubey, Nia Sharma, Achint Kaur, Apara Mehta who took your thought and director’s vision to screen reality. Honestly, I wasn’t a fan of any of these famed artists but had seen their work… my instigating factor to watch this show was “Jamai Raja” – the show, the concept which was yours. And I was glad that I ensured myself to follow all promos and sit down in front of my television on 4th Aug 2014 at 8:30 pm switching Zee TV!! – I was not disappointed at all!!

Over these several months, you showed different character coming in, few going (without any trace), there were ups and downs but one thing was beautiful, intact and went strong i.e. Siddharth and Roshni’s love story.
There was a very nice sentence that Siddharth said to Roshni in one of the last week’s episodes, “uss rishtey ko zindagi hamare rishtey ne di hai!” Over the period of episodes we saw two individuals becoming lovers, husband-wife, soulmates and at one point of time inseparable! Siddharth Roshni became SidNi!! (no this wasn’t just a fandom name but it was proved so with growing love, respect that was shown).

Siddharth And Roshni - Jamai Raja
Siddharth And Roshni – Jamai Raja

You say their love is eternal. If it is, then why did Roshni leave Siddharth (even though she never meant to blame him for her mother’s death and in lone she never had hard feelings for him). If their love is so eternal then why Siddharth got into an act with Anya!! Didn’t he realized from his past incident of Misha??

Please do not make a mockery of “Eternal Love” so that people stop believing in Love at all!!
I know what you mean by your latest tweet… while the cross marriage is shown, you will show that Siddharth and Roshni still care and love each other other – not the physical one but in their hearts, in their souls, in their thoughts, they will always look out for each other… but you know what? IT DOESN’T MATTER ANYMORE!! because certain things are physical! Like Neel and Roshni’s marriage – this cannot be undone.. but oh yes, you will bring in probably divorce thing and all the usual rut. None of it will change the fact that Siddharth and Roshni – yes they cannot be SidNi anymore to me because people who are soul mates, two bodies and one soul never do such stupid things without talking out.

You haven’t made a mockery of whole marriage divorce thing but punched and crushed the basic emotion called LOVE!!

You wanted to create a drama…probably because of TRPs and all but sorry to inform you, majority of fandom is too disappointed to even see how the story unfolds.

One question – if you really wanted Roshni to marry some guy other than Siddharth, why didn’t you let her marry Yash in Season 1? That wouldn’t have been too demeaning as it is now.

I understand running a show isn’t easy but I really hope some day you realize what damage you did –
– Pathetic third lead
– Non-sense characterization of Roshni / Ragini

On Indian television, actors don’t have any say in how story goes and if anything of this sort happens, how this can backfire them… Ravi and Nia very well know viewers mindset and it is disheartening to see them okay portraying such confused mute characters!!

Well, this is my good bye note and wish you all the best in crushing, butchering the show further!!
Even if you show Siddharth and Roshni’s reunion by 4th August, nothing will be the same as their relationship has lost essence and certain societal physical factors have created knots in their relationship.

I can never watch this show again and probably will cherish initial episodes on YouTube!
Sincere thanks to Ravi Dubey and Nia Sharma for entertaining us.

Have an interesting ride and enjoy whatever you want to show, unfold and celebrate 2yrs…

Here’s signing off,

Minus One Loyal JR Fan!!

By Vidya

Disclaimer : The article is published under the viewers’ uncut section and is not penned by any staff member of Fuzion Productions. The views and expressions expressed in the article solely belong to the writer and is not necessarily the view point of the publishing website. If you want your write up to be published too then feel free to e-mail us at [email protected]


  1. Thank you for writing this to the makers….u described every JR fans’ feelings very well…i am so hurt with what they did to my most favourite show ?
    I have quit watching now… Even though i was watching for NiVi but they went too far this time…this whole cross wedding has broken my heart into pieces…nothing will be as before ?
    Good luck to the makers…they may have new NeeRag fans from now on…but SidNians won’t be there to support the show anymore ?

    Minus 2nd ardent JR fans


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