Open Wounds With Igniting Passion : Dil Dosti Dance

Open Wounds With Igniting Passion : D3
Open Wounds With Igniting Passion : D3
Open Wounds With Igniting Passion : D3
Open Wounds With Igniting Passion : D3

Open Wounds With Igniting Passion : Dil Dosti Dance

Dil Dosti Dance is slowly reviving the bitter sweet moments between Rey (Kunwar Amarjeet Singh) and Kriya (Shakti Mohan), who are like a mirror image of each other’s soul. The duo that once united and then culminated by circumstances now face the same steps again.

Last week marked the intense passion, buried feelings and revival of open wounds as Rey and Kriya passionately danced to “Abhi Mujh Mein Kahiin” from the film Agneepath. The sync, song and dance surely brought about the compatibility and plans destiny has already set for them.
However in the urge to make Kriya leave D3, Nil and Vicky close the door on Kriya upon luring her to select props as the annual day is not so far. In the upcoming episodes Kriya fails to reach the rehearsals but Rey will be seen rescuing Kriya before he leaves the college.
Undoubtedly, Nil and Vicky’s actions slowly will bring Rey and Kriya closer within the near future. Amidst the reluctant attraction, paving way towards a new start were Sharon (Vrushika Mehta) and Swayam (Shantanu Maheshwari). Savoring their small moments together, Kriya will try to make the two practice while igniting their flame of love.
Practice session however leads to the VP’s announcement regarding his absence from the annual day event. His excitement pressures Rey and Kriya, as their performance is the most anticipated.
Will Rey and Kriya’s boat cross the rapid hurdles? Keep watching Fuze for the latest updates!
Author: A. Patel


  1. Thanks for the write up but why is there no mention about Swayam-Sharon rehearsal dance,their cycle ride,their cooking scene?? And why no mention about Swayam-Sharon’s upcoming dance?
    Please do neutral articles next time talking about both the lead pairs and not just one.


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