Our Love-Hate Relationship With Naagin 3!

Naagin 3

Some people love to hate the Naagin series, while others hate to love the series. And there are millions of those in the middle who eat up every single ridiculous plot that the series dishes out to the viewers without any thought, emotion or judgement.

Here are our list of things that we love or hate about Season 3 of Naagin:

Surbhi Jyoti In Naagin 3

1) Surbhi Jyoti:

Frankly speaking if the cute, bubbly and chirpy Surbhi Jyoti hadn’t starred in this serial, I never would have tuned in to the show.

In fact it pains me to see her play a character which is quite different from her natural cheerful personality.

Surbhi Jyoti In Naagin 3

But definitely her hate, conflict and love filled emotions for Mahir, and her mostly quiet and shy avatar, makes the show an interesting watch.

She is definitely the main reason to watch the show, and we feel if she got most of the screen time in Naagin 3 it would elevate the Saturday and Sunday nights of the TV viewers’ experience.

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  1. Surbhi is the reason I am watching Naagin 3!!!

    Maahir is also nice!!!

    While Paulomi is funny, Jamini is plain irritating!!!

    Saptarishi is doing a great job!!! A very different role for him after seeing him play a cop in two shows in the past (Kaahin Kissi Roz and 26/12)!!!

    • Hi Shaina,
      Thanks for commenting. I am finding those two women seriously so terrible coz of their acting skills. Wish a better comedienne could play paulomi, coz yes her character is funny too.

      Bela and Maahir r seriously too adorable.

      First time for me seeing Saptarishi

      Take care.


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