Param Singh : 5 Reasons To Love The Actor!

Sadda Haq
Sadda Haq

Param Singh is loved and adored by the Sadda Haq since years now. The actor is a youth sensation and is loved by his fans to no limits. Here are 6 reasons that might make you fall for the actor instantly –

Sadda Haq
Sadda Haq

His Personality

Param Singh’s personality is something that attracts is fans right away. The actor is an MBA from London and also has another post graduation degree on Finance. Unlike others, Param is not only highly educated on screen as Randhir but off screen as well.

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  1. Love #ParamSingh like Hell !!!! Every reason is so damn true.. ????
    I want to add more.. his innocent eyes n killer smile both are like cherries.. He is verrryyy Hot.. !!!! Wanna say aloud I’m a #ProudParamholic ..????
    God bless him.. n keep him ever smiling..
    Thanks for the article


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