Paranormal Meets Courtroom Drama – Adalaat

Indian Television

Known for its crisp, clean feel and brilliant acting, Sony TV’s Adalaat is one show which has viewers glued to the chair. The popular courtroom drama, starring Ronit Roy as K.D. Pathak, is all set to tackle yet another mind boggling case.

This week, he comes face to face with a death involving strange occurrences. A man by the name of Chiranjeev is found dead in an ashram. According to the residents of the ashram, he was alone in the room when he died.

However, the CCTV camera’s show otherwise. The undeniably intelligence K.D. Pathak picks up on a shocking revelation, the act of telekinesis. Video footage of Chiranjeev’s room captured random objects moving about in his prior to the ignition of the fire which took his life. According to ashram officials, only the mahaguru is acquainted with this art. When confronted, he confessed to the crime but KD is not convinced.

What is the real mystery? Find out only on Adalaat.

Author: Diana Lydia


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