Parth Samthaan : Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Has Given Me So Much!

Parth Samthaan
Parth Samthaan
Parth Samthaan
Parth Samthaan

Parth Samthaan, the actor just celebrated his birthday this March 11 along with the muhurat of his debut film Googly Ho Gayi. The event was a huge hit with media houses and his fans attending it in ample number. Probably, it was the grandest birthday that any television actor has ever celebrated in India, in the heart of Mumbai, with thousand of his fans celebrating it with him.

He was also in news recently for his song ‘Jind Meri’ that is going to be a part of his debut film. This actor turned singer was mildly surprised when he was approached for this film. He said,”I was quite surprised. Was taken aback because I wasn’t expecting something like this. It’s a funny film. It’s a comic role and it’s very different from what I have done. Pretty excited for that. It’s more like a challenge for me”.

Parth also had a very funny hashtag trending in his name since one month of his birthday. #ParthuTeraBurdayAaya was trended by his fans since a month. On this, he said, “Online stuff is so much viral now that people are getting to know about your day to day events. Main aise kism ka bandaa hun…mujhe birthdays bahut pasand hai. I like celebrating festivals. People know about that and I am fortunate for that”.

Parth also mentioned how boring his birthdays used to be during his childhood due to exams. “Childhood has been very boring for me regarding the celebration of my birthday. Because mostly my birthday comes during the exams. People have exams, boards during the time. I also used to be busy in the same. Normal cake cutting used to happen”, he said.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan on MTV has been a pathbreaking show for Parth. He gained his star status from the character of Manik Malhotra and his chemistry with Niti Taylor was undeniably esthetic. So will Parth agree to work on Ky2 season 3 if offered? One being asked, he said, “I would love to be a part of it because the show has given me so much. But if it is offered to me right now I won’t be able to take it. But later on, yes I will love to do it”.

Well, we wish all the luck to Parth for his upcoming film Googly Ho Gayi and also for all the future endeavours he might take up in future in both big and small screen.

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  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii so swttt…… yess manik malhotra ko hum kavi nhii vul sakte but as always we parthians always wth uu…. no mttr k aap flim karo ya show ya hosteya singing…. lovee uuuu hamesha…..


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