Patiala Babes : Ashnoor Kaur’s Brilliance On Screen Would Simply Surprise You! – QUICK REVIEW

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Sony Entertainment Television’s much awaited show Patiala Babes finally kick started its journey yesterday.

Although, one needs a week at least to chalk down a proper review, the first episode of the show itself had us impressed enough about a few points.

So while we wait for Friday for the entire look and all the characters of the show to get revealed, give a quick read below to know exactly what you may find very impressive about the show.

Patiala Babes

1. Ashnoor Kaur, whom you may have spotted as the young Naira in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is one of the main protagonists in the show. The 14 year old bundle of talent is absolutely splendid to watch. The energy, the spirit and the positivity she adds up to her character of Minni will make you love and fall instantly for her.

Minni loves her mother. She loves her in a way that she has turned her protector, defender, guide and her friend too. At times she even drools at her mother’s innocence and cuteness. The most lovely and adorable part is that – Minni finds her mother ‘cute’ and she accepts that with as much excitement as may be a child does upon meeting Santa Claus!

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  1. Minni is cool!!!!

    But Minni’s mother is dumb and it is weird she has not understood the true face of people even after so many years of marriage!!!

    It is obvious she is nothing but a free maid for her husband and in-laws!!!!


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