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Rang Rasiya

Color’s Rangrasiya is currently showing some high voltage drama with the unfolding of Paro’s (Sanaya Irani) wedding. Paro is unaware of the fact that there are arms dealings going on during her wedding from people that came across the border. BSD end up stopping Paro’s bharat from crossing the border and realize that these people were smuggling guns.

What ensues after that is a battle of the bullets. A point to be noted is that the shooting started from a villager and not the BSD. They shot back in retaliation. On January 14th, it was seen how the villagers manage to overtake the BSD officers. Rudra (Ashish Sharma) was fighting very well until his gun was pointed at Paro. They both froze upon seeing one another until Paro fainted. Rudra was stabbed from the back by a villager. They mercilessly beat Rudra and lay him down in front of the Indian flag.

Rudra manages to get up and grabs the flag. He uses the flag to create a line and challenges the villagers to come and try to touch the flag. The emotion of an army officer, the pride he has for his country and the respect he gives the flag was all shown very beautifully. From Rudra getting up despite the beatings to his salute to the flag to his challenging the villagers despite the fact that he was outnumbered is commendable.

Unfortunately for Paro, she was not conscious to witness any of this. In fact, her husband actually pointed a gun at her and tried to use her to cross the border. When Rudra did not relent, he threatened to shoot Paro. Rudra shot and killed Paro’s husband and in true drama style, Paro came back to her senses to witness the murder of her husband by Rudra.

The next episode is going to be an emotional one to watch so keep the tissues handy! We will see Rudra and Paro fight with the demons they have faced their entire lives. Paro will be dealing with her fears of the BSD coming true and Rudra will be dealing with the anguish and anger he still carries with him for his mother. The fact remains that Rudra and Paro are made for one another. Their pain is mirrored in each other and that will be beautifully shown in a scene where Paro is held in an interrogation room and she breaks down and at the same time Rudra is breaking down outside of the room. They are in the exact same spot separated by a wall. Paro only sees the mirror; however, Rudra will be able to see her.

What do you think of Rang Rasiya so far? Will Paro be able to forgive Rudra or will she carry a torch of hatred and fear for him? Don’t forget to watch Rangrasiya on Colors at 9:30PM IST. Stay tuned to Fuze!

Author: Rahmina Choudhury

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