Pavail Gulati : Me And Taabish Both Are A Little Impractical In Life!

Parvail Gulati As Tabish Azad In Haq Se
Pavail Gulati As Tabish Azad In Haq Se

We all loved him as Taabish Azaad in ALTBalaji’s one of the finest web series, Haq Se and amidst the superb ensemble cast, he left an impact with the way he essayed Azi’s character.

Yes, you guys guessed it absolutely right. We are talking about none other than, the very handsome Pavail Gulati!

In an EXCLUSIVE interview with Fuze, Pavail shared about his experience of working with director Ken Ghosh, his dream role, his inspiration and much more!


What about Haq Se made you say a yes to it?

Script. I really loved the script and my character. I was travelling and I read the script on flight, just four of my scenes and I loved my character. Taabish’s character was different from all the characters I have played so far. It was a little urban and I knew, what I could do with it.

How was the experience of working with Ken Ghosh?

I know Ken Sir for a really long time, socially and I love that man! I didn’t know how it was gonna be working with him but when I started working, it was just a very blissful experience. He is one of those directors who let you improvise, let you be a little and also, with him I could discuss a lot of things about how my character will grow, how we can make it a little more different, something we could subtract or add so, he was really good at that. He is just a sixteen year old in a fifty year old man’s body so, it was really fun working with him.

Pavail Gulati As Tabish Azad In Haq Se

What preparations you had to do for Taabish’s character?

To be very honest, not much because we did a lot of readings just before we started shooting. Parul, me, Aanchal, Nikkesha, we did a lot of reading and the only preparation we did was spending time together. We actually became really good friends and close to each other so, that really helped.

What are your views on the current scenario in Kashmir?

I have never been to Kashmir but I would love to go, someday. It’s such a beautiful place, my parents have been there, my brother has been there. My parents actually went on their honeymoon, there. They tell me really nice things about it and it’s sad what’s happening there. It’s not that people there want this, it’s just the political propaganda and stuff. I don’t know how and when it will get solved but I hope, everything gets better soon!

Parvail Gulati And Parul Gulati As Tabish Azad And Jannat Mirza In Haq Se
Pavail Gulati And Parul Gulati As Tabish Azad And Jannat Mirza In Haq Se

How was your experience as a co-star, working with Rajeev Khandelwal, Surveen Chawla and Parul Gulati?

Rajeev and I, didn’t have any scene together but I know Rajeev for a very long time because we have common friends. He is really a fun guy to hangout with. Surveen on the other hand is a fireball. She loves cracking jokes. Although, we didn’t have much scenes together but it was really fun to hangout with her on the sets and we instantly became friends. Parul is a lovely actress, I got to work with her the most. I didn’t know her at all before Haq Se but we instantly had this connect and we used to collaborate a lot together on how to make the scene better. I was comfortable around her, she makes you feel comfortable around her and that’s what I love about her and when she is on-screen, she is just magic. It was really fun working with her.

Two similarities and differences between Taabish and Pavail?

Two similarities would be, me and Taabish both are a little impractical in life, impulsive at times and little things does not bother us.

And differences would be, I haven’t fallen for any girl yet, like Taabish (Laughs!) and I don’t go into self pity, rely on alcohol and stuff like Taabish.

We know how Tasbish is, but how is Pavail in real life?

I love to hang out with friends. I’m an animal lover. I have two cats who I love a lot and a dog at my parents place in Delhi. I love playing sports. I play a lot of basketball and I break my ankles a lot, because of that. I like adventure, I like skydiving, scuba diving and basically, I’m a sporty person in real life.

What are your future projects?

I currently did this short film with Imtiaz Ali, it’s called, “The Other Way!” Other than that, I’m doing a web series with Amazon, called, “Made In Heaven!” It’s directed by Zoya Akhtar.

Haq Se
Haq Se

Who is your inspiration as an actor?

I have always loved doing theatre. I studied under Mr. Naseeruddin Shah, he is one of my idols. I worked with Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, I was very lucky to work with him and he is another person who I look up to. Both of them have been amazing to me and there’s so much to learn from these people. I don’t think, I have a single inspiration. I have many inspirations as every actor I work with, I learn something or the other and I think, as an actor, that’s what you should do, learn from every actor, every person and that’s what I try to do.

Which is your dream role?

Ranbir Kapoor’s role from the movie Rockstar. I love that film!

Your favourite co-stars from Haq Se?

Parul and Aanchal!

Message to your fans.

I have been getting some really, really sweet and kind messages and I just can’t thank them enough for it. I didn’t know that people will love Taabish’s character so much but I’m glad, they did and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. I hope, they like my future projects as well!

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