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White Collar

 After a successful run of the first three seasons of White Collar on Star World Indian Network, Jeff Eastin’s White Collar is back on Star World with a new season. The USA network is the original channel where the show airs. The show is made under the production company of Fox Television Studios, Jeff Eastin and Warrior George Productions. It revolves around solving the hidden cons done in the broad daylight and the dawn. White Collar revolves around Neal Caffrey played by Matt Bomer, he essays the character of a con-man initially, who later strikes a deal with Peter Burke, the FBI agent and starts working with the FBI as a confident and a close accomplice. Peter Burke is Tim Dekay, who plays the special FBI agent. Once Neal and Peter’s bond was strong they started working together as a team. 

Peter and Neal in the show across the three seasons, currently in the fourth season look out for each other and they might have trust issues because of the history they hold. But when time comes it is Peter, Neal, along with Diana (Marsha Thomason), Jones (Sharif Atkins) as a team who make it work towards solving the cons. The show is shot in the New York city showcasing the hustle-bustle and also the cons and fraud that happen. For a viewer it is very interesting and intriguing to see how the team of these special agents and a ex-con man work together to reach conclusions, make plans to nab the culprit and grab the culprit at the nick of the time. All these surely keeps the audiences at the edge of their seats. 

Apart from the actors mentioned above,Tiffani Thiessen plays the character of Elizabeth Burke; Peter’s wife, Willie Garson plays the character of Moz/Mozzie, another con-man and Neal’s trusted friend and Hilarie Burton plays the Sara Ellis, an insurance company investigator, her relationship status with Neal is complicated. All these actors together make White Collar Season 4 indeed very interesting.

Every season has something different to offer to the audiences and this season is no different. In the season 4 of White Collar the show has finally reached a point where Neal has got to know his father; James Bennet (Richard Treat Williams) and Neal’s past has started to open up along with identifying targets of who can be conned and the conman. The show is currently seeing Peter, Moz, Elizabeth, Diana, Jones, all by Neal’s side supporting him.

The characters of Neal and Peter have come a long way from the first season of White Collar. It is very entertaining to watch these two people, one an FBI special agent and another one a con-man and now a trusted aide working together in tandem and sync. All we can say is Neal Caffrey and Peter Burke’s team rocks and White Collar season 4 is a must watch. 

Don’t forget to tune into Star World, Monday to Friday at 11:00 PM and watch White Collar Season 4.

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Author: Surya Ravi
Editor: Saheli Goswami
Graphics & Banner: Ranita Kakkar


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