In Pics – Hiten And Gauri : From Reel To Real

Hiten And Gauri
Hiten and Gauri With Their Kids
Hiten And Gauri
Kutumb : Pratham and Gauri

Pratham Mittal (Hiten Tejwani) and Gauri Pradhan (Gauri Pradhan Tejwani) were two polar opposites who despised each other to the core. When Pratham first met Gauri at the wedding of his best friend, she was enraged by his arrogance and lack of respect for women. While Gauri was busy standing up for her best friend, whom Pratham’s friend had left hanging after having impregnated her, Pratham was presented useless rebuttals to defend his pal. The spat became personal and Pratham decided to avenge his ego by falsifying an attempt to insult Gauri. In return, Gauri is then married to Pratham to save face. Their initial wedded life is nothing short of a catastrophe.

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