Piya Rangrezz : 3 Things We Like or Dislike About The Show

Sher Singh and Shraddha from Piya Rangrezz

There is a new show on the tube. Life OK’s has launched its new show Piya Rangrezz from this past Monday. The show looked quite appealing after watching the episodes of the initial week. The show is set in a village in Uttar Pradesh, wherein a fearless bad boy Sher Singh who happens to be the son of a powerful lady in the village Bhabhiji, and instantly falls in love with a simple girl Shraddha and wishes to get her at any cost. However, Shraddha is scared of him and nor does she love him at all. The show basically revolves around the transformation of Sher Singh into a compassionate and loving husband showing the power of love.

The show has had an interesting start and can be expected to enjoy success in the near future. But before that happens, we will tell you three things that we liked or did not liked about the show in its premiere week.

Narayani Shashtri as Bhabhiji
Narayani Shashtri as Bhabhiji

1. Narayani Shashtri as Bhabhiji – One of the best parts about the show is to be able to watch Narayani Shashtri in an entirely new avatar which as a matter of fact is quite interesting. Narayani fits effortlessly into the character of Bhabhijji and terrifies you when you watch her onscreen. She is the trump card of the show which will do wonders for the show eventually.

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