Piyaa Albela : True Realisation Of Love Comes When The Threat To Lose It Looms!

Piyaa Albela
Piyaa Albela

Hello Readers! Today’s episode of Piyaa Albela had great cinematography with good dialogues and execution.

In today’s episode we saw Pooja agreeing to stay for a night at the Vyas mansion, Guruji’s plan to take Naren and also Pooja writing a letter to Supriya. But most importantly we witnessed the heartfelt conversation of Naren and Pooja.

Some highlights-

Piyaa Albela
Piyaa Albela

Pooja staying for a night

Of course she would stay, for Supriya asked her not to leave with so much love! How could Pooja say no? And she also knew the hidden motive of the Guruji.

How could she leave Naren in such a situation without doing anything? She cares for Naren and would not want him to get manipulated by the Guruji.

By that interaction with the Guruji, she must have been sure that he is a mind-reader, for he revealed all the details of her new job. But Pooja slayed that scene. She managed to reply him back with equal temper and dominance. You slay girl!

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  1. Many points were beautiful –
    1 the title itself. Very well thought and apt
    2 your description of their shyness, blushes etc😍
    3 Naren’s facade for preventing himself from more pain
    4 pun on the lights 😂
    5 your own version of the quote in Naren’s POV.👏

    Basically the whole Naroja part.😀😀
    Can’t wait to witness their hug…💖💖


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