POLL RESULTS – Find Out The Top 5 On Screen TV Jodis Currently As Per Viewers’ Choice!

TV Jodis

We conducted a poll asking fans Which Current On-Screen TV Couple they are loving the most currently. The poll was strictly conducted on the basis of ‘One person one vote’ format barring the multiple votes process. Here are the results of the poll –

Laksh And Ragini
Laksh And Ragini

5.Laksh And Ragini – 6.46%

After so many ups and downs they are finally together. The fans have started loving them. They are now like any other normal couple who are happily in love. They are on the fifth position with 6.46% votes. Tejwasi and Namish compliment each other in almost every scene, especially the emotional ones.

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  1. Dev-Sonakshi all the way… Shaheer Sheikh and Erica Fernandes are perfect onscreen… Impeccable chemistry these two have.


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