POLL : Vote For Your Current Most Favorite And Best Lady On TV Right Now!


The women across our Indian television shows are a force to reckon with. They lead us, inspire us, motivate us and make us admire them for the numerous reasons they have given us to make us fall in love with them.

While your verdict of the favorite and best man on TV was well received, it’s now time to vote for your lady love. Does Prerna Sharma’s determination and belief in love strikes a cord with you or are you head over heels in love with Naina’s innocence?

We wonder if the girl next door Mishti is whom you admire the most or is it Naira, who is an epitome of utter calm in chaos. For some, it’s Zara’s guts to question the belief system and for some it’s Bela’s simplicity that attracts viewers to them.

Babita’s spirit to relive the life in a new light or Janhvi’s ability to live as two different individuals might be the driving force for some.

We need to know who makes you root for them and why?

So vote for your favourite leading lady below and let the best ‘woman’ win!



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