POLL : Vote For Your Current Most Favorite And Best Man On TV Right Now!


While someone likes to weave his feelings through words, the other one is just super expressive, while one is just the angry young man, the other is how we define the perfect husband. From utter romantic ones, to the serious, intense and funny, we have all sorts of characters of men ruling the screens right now.

So we have brought for you, this brand new poll to pour out all your love you have for your main man, right here in form of votes!

Be it the new man in uniform Kabir from Sarvagun Sampanna or be it the life loving Abir from ‘ Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke. Be it your very own favourite guy from the 90’s, Sameer or the charming bong boy Anurag, your vote would decide if the very charming and ideal Kartik wins the game or the dotting father Sikander take away the cake.

So it’s your chance right here, to vote and let the world know who is the best one out there –



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